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All in-ground electric dog fence systems include 500 feet of factory grade wire, you can add or replace this lower quality wire our heavy duty, pro-grade dog fence wire. We offer both solid core and stranded dog fence wire for your convenience. We recommend solid core for most diy dog fence installations.

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In-Ground Electric Dog Fences have three basic components: the transmitter, receiver collar, and boundary wire. All in-ground electric dog fence kits come with some amount of factory-grade dog fence wire. Many people choose to upgrade to a higher quality, more durable wire, others already have their own wire and don't need the kit wire at all. That's why we offer in-ground dog fence kits without wire. These kits have the included wire removed so you can replace it with your own wire. We'll remove the wire from your kit so that it can be reused rather than wasted.

PetSafe In-Ground Dog Fence Kit

Here in our  we explain what the main features and benefits of the best in-ground dog fences The SportDog SDF-100A in-ground fence system is both a cost-effective and safe method of confinement. Perfect for dogs over 10 lbs., its included transmitter covers up to 100 acres of land, maximizing a dog's free area of play, while its waterproof collar receiver features four adjustable levels of correction, plus tone and vibration mode.

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The PetSafe In-Ground PIG00-13661 electric dog fence includes a waterproof receiver collar that fits neck sizes 6 inches to 28 inches and features four adjustable levels of static correction, plus tone-only mode for training purposes. Proven both safe and effective, this pet management system covers up to 1/3 acre and is expandable up to 10 acres with the purchase of additional wiring.

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To give your dog the best in both protection and freedom to roam in a large area, an in-ground electric fence gives you the freedom and safety we all want for our dogs.On the other hand, if you don’t ever travel with your dog and if you live in an area where your biggest fear is that your dog might chase cars in your own neighborhood, the in-ground or underground dog fence would provide effective protection for your pet. Rather than giving the dog a warning when he gets too far from the central point, this form of electric dog fence is laid on or within the boundaries of your property, usually buried under ground. As your dog approaches the laid perimeter, the collar gives your pet a warning when it gets too close to or steps over the fence.Another reason why a wireless electric fence might be best for you is portability. If you are a renter that moves frequently or one that is planning on moving in the near future, you wouldn’t want to go through the effort of installing in-ground or underground electric dog fences for a short stay.The PetSafe YardMax PIG00-11115 comes with a rechargeable lightweight collar, up to 10 acres of boundary protection, and three different zone settings. Unlike many in-ground dog fences, this model does not stop correcting the dog after it goes past a certain point of the set boundary. Instead, a safety mechanism kicks in after 10-seconds to stop correction. This gives the dog more freedom to move within the yard. The collar with this device is lightweight, so owners can use it on dogs as small as 10 lbs.