Insulated Pet Doors for Large & Small Dogs

After your dog learns to eliminate outdoors opposed to indoors, you will find that a dog door will benefit both you and your dog by allowing him to enter and exit your home when he feels the need, while alleviating you from having to take him out yourself. These PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Doors are great for places in which installing a pet door on an entry door or side door is simply not practical or convenient. This unique wall entry dog door can be installed in a number of different wall materials including all types of siding, stucco, and brick, making it one of the best wall mount dog doors available. The Telescoping Tunnel allows for installation into walls that are 4.75" to 7.25" thick. For extra thick walls that extend beyond 7.25”, there are extension kits available that will enable the doorto extend beyond 7.25" thick that are sold separately. As you care about the safety and comfort of your dog, you want to provide him with the wall mount pet doors that best accommodate his size and weight. This is why these wall entry pet doors are available in three different sizes, accommodating dogs up to 12 pounds, 40 pounds and 100 pounds. The PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Doors have a double flap system that insulates for optimal energy efficiency and they also include a non-rusting locking closing panel. An easy do-it-yourself kit complete with instructions is included.

Ideal for Ruff Weather. Dog & Cat Doors Insulated Against Cold & Heat, Install in Doors, Walls & Sliding Glass, Draft Stopping & Energy Saving Storm Doors.

Not only is our flexible flap safer for your pets and children, it will not tear or puncture. Made by Bayer®, it withstands extreme temperatures without loosing its shape. It remains flexible even at minus 30 deg. The Dogwalk doors have a woven brush seal to keep out draughts. The brush seals against the door walls at all times. The door is held shut by powerful super magnets. Our two flap version makes this door a superior insulated dog door. Tinted for added security and protection against harmful uv rays. It’s the toughest flexible dog flap on the market.

Endura Flap | Doggie Door for Walls | Pet Wall Door

Endura Flap pet doors for walls gives your pet freedom while keeping your home highly insulated! This doggie door is designed for most walls up to 8 Our selection of extreme hot and cold climate pet doors includes dual flap Ruff Weather doors, made by Ideal Pet Products, double Endura flap pet doors, winner of the Dog Fancy Editor's Choice Award and our totally weatherproof POWER PET, Fully Automatic, Air-Tight pet doors. All choices may be installed in doors, walls or sliding glass patio doors. Dual flap doors work by creating an air lock between the flaps that serves as an excellent insulator against drafts. Additionally, the quality manufacturing of the ideal and especially the Endura flap doors is unsurpassed. For the absolute best insulated door that will save energy and remain air tight even in hurricane force wind, we recommend the Power Pet model because its bulletproof polycarbonate door panel is the only one that is hermetically sealed to achieve zero drafts even in the most severe storms.

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