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If you have a small puppy, the safest first introduction is done best while the cat/kitten is in a large cage. You don't want to use a cat carrier, or a dog crate, it should be a large wire cage.

If you have a dog that will accept a kitten, there are several things you can do to make the introduction go smoothly.

3. If your current pet is an older cat, consider getting a dog. Adult and especially senior kitties are often entirely unaccepting of a new feline in the household. Cats get along best if they're adopted together as siblings, or are introduced at a young age. Make sure you choose a dog with a temperament that is honoring to your senior feline.

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I have successfully used this simple method to introduce two eight-week old kittens to my four cat-chasing dogs. My husband has been really wanting a kitten but i'm nervous about bringing a new kitten into our home because we have a 1 year old german shepard mix. He is a very sweet dog but very nosey, needy and some what of a rough player! How do we introduce a new kitten to our family?

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Rough play can kill a kitten, Friend of Meowmie's had that problem -- poor little kitten! Her dog shook it to death in PLAY.

Best to VERY slowly introduce the dog and kitten and keep the kitten separate from the dog until it gets bigger. However, they do need to smell and see one another under STRICT supervision.

Also, what kind of breed is this dog? Some dog breeds are hunters, even the small terriers, even if the dog is a mixed breed, so that is also a factor in cat-dog interactions.

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So, please share your thoughts and experience related to introducing a kitten to an adult dog that doesn't know how to behave around cats. Said kitten will either come from a shelter or possibly from an 'oops' litter from one of my vet's other clients.Such a cat may never learn to share their , as compared to an eight week old kitten that has been separated from its littermates or mom for the first time. It’s important that the process of introducing a kitten to a dog go slowly as cats attend to be territorial. Such slow introductions help prevent aggression and fear issues from arising from both sides.So you might consider starting out by introducing your dog to an older cat, one who will teach him to be less aggressive around cats (and kittens). But be prepared to with some wound salve -- he may bleed a bit before he learns.My question (finally) is how have some of you gone about introducing a kitten to your dog. I've read that it's fine if the dog sees the kitten as its property, but I'm not about to put my dog on the couch and ask him questions about his childhood. I'm more interested in what people have done, methodically, to make the introduction go smoothly.