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The Fort Myers couple say they were removed by two air marshals from a JetBlue flight Friday morning because the carrier for one of their dogs wouldn’t completely fit under the seat in front of them and stuck out a few inches, even though the 13-pound dog had flown to Maine 10 days earlier in the same pink carrier without problems.

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American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, JetBlue, Lufthansa, Air France, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Alitalia, British Airways, and Virgin Atlantic are all airlines that take dogs. These airlines have varying pet policies.

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She became sick after an allergic reaction to dogs on a JetBlue flight, now a New Haven woman is suing the airline. As airline regulations have been changing to accommodate passengers who want their cats and small dogs in carriers in the main cabin, other passengers have just had to be quiet and deal with it, so far. Some airlines don’t allow pets as carry-on for overseas flights, but a customer with years of loyalty to an airline shouldn’t have to give up her miles at (or affection for, though that apparently holds less water) an airline. JetBlue management is being shortsighted about the effects of severe allergic reactions. Aside from service animals, I think the answer is to have pet-free flights as an option. It’s not a perfect answer, of course, but finding out you have to change your flight when you’re already at the gate — or onboard — is hardly an acceptable answer either.

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I booked a flight on the phone with Jetblue from Buffalo, NY to JFK for my wife and our two service animals. I had my confirmation number. When I arrived at the airport, the agent at the JetBbue counter told me my credit card had been declined. I told him I had a confirmation number, how could this be. So I called my credit provider to ask why my card had been declined. The woman told me my card was fine. So I put her on speaker phone and asked her to repeat what she just said. Upon hearing her, the agent continued to say the card was no good. This went on about half an hour. Then the agent said I had missed my flight. But that there was another flight he could put me on. So I booked the next flight using a different credit card and boarded the plane. I feel that I was lied to that they had overbooked the flight and had to stall me to keep me and my service animal off the plane. Once boarded, I was putting my carry-on bags in the overhead compartment when this rude female flight attendant orders me to put my service animal - my 90 pound GSD and my 110 pound AmStaff - under the seat. I told her, "Sure, as soon as I get my bags put away," but that wasn't fast enough for her, and she raised her voice at me. "PUT THE DOGS UNDER THE SEAT!"

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On the surface, it doesn't look like JetPaws is much more than a new branding initiative for JetBlue's existing pet policy, which consists of a $100 each-way for small dogs and cats in the cabin (JetBlue apparently doesn't allow animals in the cargo hold). But there are benefits to the new service. I'm a pet owner (the cutest dog and cat you ever did see), so I'm glad JetBlue is making pet travel seem more like a service than a hassle, even though my dog is too large to fly the JetBlue skies. And JetBlue does seem to have its heart in the right place by making (small) pets welcome aboard its planes. But JetBlue Doggie Polo shirts? I draw the line at dog clothes. I mean, small dogs in funny clothes are cute and all … the way they waddle around looking sort of confused … adorably confused … you know, I bet my dog would look cute in one of these … and Christmas is around the corner, so—wait! What am I saying? No clothes for dogs! No!