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KOHA Wild Kangaroo and Blueberry canned dog food is delicious nutrition for all dogs, but especially canines with stomach or skin sensitivities. Whether your dog has developed an allergy, or is just getting tired of the same old food, KOHA Limited Ingredient Entrees are ideal for elimination diets and rotational feeding. The Kangaroo formula contains premium Austrialian kangaroo meat, green mussel from New Zealand for joint support and pumpkin for healthy digestion. KOHA Pet Limited Ingredient Diets have been formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages. Use as a complete and balanced meal, or as a tasty topper! Perfect for all life stages. Made in the USA.

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Anyway I have fed my pup the Goat, kangaroo, and Salmon. Surprisingly he didn’t care much for it. Especially the Kangaroo. I think he is not a big fan of mussels. It seems that a lot of canned dog food from New Zealand loves to put mussels in their food. Ziwi peak is the worst. God you open a can of ziwi peak and it stinks to high heaven. Also mauri was not cheap although it smells a lot less than Ziwi peak. Anyway It was cheaper for me to buy the goat and kangaroo meat and prepare it myself minus the mussels.

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Kangaroo Canned Dog Food - Two Bostons You’re probably right, all the foods we’ve given her probably has had some ingredient other than just the main protein that she is allergic to.
Our veterinarian(s) have run many allergy tests throughout the years and I do know that she is now allergic to most of the novelty proteins excluding a few like rabbit, but like you’ve mentioned there is likely something else in the foods also causing her allergy because the different brands of dog food containing rabbit we had given resulted in her having an allergy.
One of my biggest worries is that originally she had only shown a reaction to chicken in the allergy tests but as the years have progressed she now shows reactions to nearly all. Only about 4 years ago she had not tested allergic to duck, venison, kangaroo and sweet potatoes yet now she is allergic to them all. This has happened almost systematically over the course of the years since the age of 2 and she is now 10 which is causing me to believe maybe there is something more going on here. How can my dog possibly become allergic to everything even though I listened to all the advice about rotational diets and supplements etc. What else will there be for her to eat?
She is not allergic to Herring or Cod but I have not fed her dog foods containing that since most of them also contain Salmon and peas which she is already allergic to. Even if I found a brand of food with Herring/Cod that she could eat I am almost certain the pattern will continue, she will have around 4-12 of peace before a reaction will develop to them.
Also what you say is likely true. Even if I prepare meals myself she may still be allergic, but what else is there for me to try? I am having a small amount of hope that there is some possibility this will fix it all, but I don’t even know where to begin. And our vet advises against raw feedings and everything is so discouraging from switching veterinarians to seeking a holistic vet who said this holistic food will fix it all….
I just need help! It is 4am and I cannot sleep nor can my dog and I will have to take her to the vet before it gets to the unbearable point, but the shots fix nothing if anything they seem to make it worse in this never ending cycle.
I want to thank you for your comment, and if you can find the comment you mentioned I would appreciate it. I don’t know if it will help at this point.

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I wouldn’t buy any pet foods from Amazon, Amazon may be OK for other products but not Pet Foods, Specially if your boy has a very sensitive stomach/bowel, a few people have complained their dog’s are having bad diarrhea problems, when they were asked where did they buy their pet foods from use by dates were running out, it was from Amazon….Amazon wouldn’t have a big turn over so pet foods would just sit in the heat season after season…wait for the Zignature Kangarooo wet to come back into stock or ask a local pet shop can they order a few tins in so you can try it out…

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