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You can also remove fleas (and ticks) by putting salt on the rugs, floors, and animal beds. This will dehydrate them and will kill them quickly. In order for this process to go faster, try to put containers with water and ten drops of liquid detergent. If they jump in there to cool down, they won’t be able to get out because of the oiliness of the mixture. In order to prevent dogs from getting intoxicated, it’s best to apply this homemade remedy for fleas when you take them out for a walk or if you leave for vacation and bring the dog with you so the parasites won’t have any mammal to attach to.

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Hi I used frontline plus on my dog and it’s supposed to kill the ticks within 48 hours. But I still see them around. Some seem comatosed but legs are wriggling. Some are still alive crawling. And some are flat like dead but on closer inspection their legs are moving.
We started to see some crawling on the walls too.
We used carrington dog wash on the dog, pesticide on the walls and crevices, she drinks apple cider vinegar water and eats anti-flea/tick herbal supplements too.
Is the tick problem getting better or worse?

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Search How To Kill Ticks On Dogs. Visit & Look Up Quick Results Now! I have a 7 yr old labrador in Bangalore. Ever since early summer started here from February and now it is more severe, it is virtually a war against ticks. For nearly 2 months, he lost appetite, hardly drinking water and lost weight. Fortunately there was no infection, but toxins might have affected liver. I have been spraying tickicide in his habitat both inside house and outside once in a week to keep away ticks. But still they will not die easily but move so fast towards the dog. Almost every day I manually remove attached ticks and dip them in pesticide. He could not be administered with any oral drug as he could easily smell it and gave up eating thinking there might be some tablet inside the food. I gave him homeopathic medicine and gave chicken soup prepared with garlic, ginger and turmeric which helped in detoxifying liver. He is now eating well and drinking enough water. I keep him inside house always, but still ticks attack him every day. Regularly I remove the nymphs and small ticks which take shelter in the corners of roof and side walls and I kill them. I am only praying for a heavy rain to wash them away outside the house ! A few drops of garlic juice on the back of neck once in a while seem to help a bit. Collar did not help much. Regular bath with tickicide soap or shampoo helped only to remove ticks from thick fur but only momentary. By my regular watch on him, both by removing ticks and proper timely food, he has survived. Any slightest negligence would kill dogs. I understand there is a monthly injection given to dogs, so that the attached ticks fall off and dog remains safe. Has anyone tried this and if so pls share your experience.

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BugOff Garlic had made a huge difference for my very active Australian Shepherds. Still, the quantity of ticks we encounter on walks is astonishing. I've had excellent results from using Preventic collars with amitraz. This compound paralyzes a tick's mouthparts; it can't bite your dog, which actually must happen if any of he spot-on products are going to kill the ticks! Follow the directions on the packaging as to when a dog is old enough to use the product - and watch very closely for ANY signs of irritation on your pup's neck. The product remains active even when dogs swim a LOT. I have found the best way to find ticks in the thick Aussie double coat, is to turn on our big show dog forced air blow drier; the hair gets parted at the skin level, and it is far easier to spot the small irregular bumps that might be ticks, or burrs, that hours and hours of line combing. After a grand river walk in the heaviest tick places, it takes me less than 20 minutes with the dryer to examine TWO Aussies, top to bottom. Never imagined the dryer would be part of our anti tick protocol - who knew? The BugOff Garlic from Springtime seriously reduced the number of ticks that choose to hop aboard; before BugOff Garlic, finding more than 300 ticks per dog was the norm, whereas now I find fewer than 10 on both dogs combined...and thanks to the tick collar, none of those ticks have managed to bite. The amitraz collars are effective for 3 months at a time, and I found decent prices on Amazon. The BugOff Garlic comes from Springtime; in their catalogs and web site, it explains why the misunderstanding of garlic toxicity came about. For what amounts to a nickle per day for both dogs, they enjoy the anti inflammatory, circulatory, and bug repellant properties, and reduce the hours I spend removing ticks. Great stuff!

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