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The StockMarks® kits employ a proprietary PCR process for amplification of the microsatellite markers using fluorescent dyelabeled primers. The StockMarks® for Cattle and StockMarks® for Horses kits amplify the microsatellite markers recommended by the International Society of Animal Genetics (ISAG), while the StockMarks® for Dogs kit amplifies the microsatellite markers recommended by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

With that said, consider having the following components in your dog first aid kit:

My good friend, holistic veterinarian/author Dr. Cathy Alonovi of Indiana — who helped to develop a pet first aid kit for BARF World — also recommends adding some homeopathic apis for insect bites to your doggie kit. She further suggests , and pure to lightly sprinkle on a favorite blanket to soothe nervous dogs.

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What would you include in your doggy first aid kit? Let us know in the comments! Hydrogen peroxide can also be kept in a dog first aid kit, as it can inducing vomiting and help get rid of ingested toxins or foreign objects. However, this should only be under the direction of a veterinarian, as some toxins or materials will cause more harm if they are vomited up. Additionally, hydrogen peroxide should never be given to a cat.

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A thermometer is necessary in determining if your pet has a or is (the normal body temperature for a dog and cat is approximately 99.5-102.5°F). However, veterinarians typically recommend that the temperature be taken rectally, as it more accurately reflects the pet's core body temperature. To make the insertion easier on your pet, keep a petroleum or water-based lubricant in the first aid kit.

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Keep their food consistent with what they eat on a day to day basis to avoid upset stomach and diarrhea. If your dog eats canned food, be sure to include this in their emergency kit.The following are the basics for a standard doggie kit. Keep in mind not everything that works on humans is suitable for Rover and never administer human drugs or prescriptions to your dog without first checking with your vet.Gearing up for a road trip down the coast or just heading to the beach for the day? Take your cue from the Girl Scouts and always be prepared with a custom First Aid Kit for your furry friend. We packed ours in an old Snoopy lunch box, but any durable, preferably waterproof, case will do. If your dog is into extreme water sports, consider using a dry bag, available at most outdoor sports stores such as .Dog owners can treat minor injuries for their pets if they have the appropriate remedies, tools, and equipment available. The following items were included in a first aid kit that the Cincinnati Veterinary Medical Association gave to police dog handlers at a recent workshop. A home first aid kit needs many of the same items.