KONG Wobbler Food Dispensing Dog Toy

Freezing Kong dog toys saves time in the long run, since you can make them up before you actually need them. Such is why having more than one Kong toy makes perfect sense.

The KONG Classic Medium Dog Toy has been the gold standard of dog toys for over thirty years.

Many dogs will become experts at getting treats out of Kong toys, so you can make things more difficult for them. Take an end of a roast or an inexpensive cut of beef and cook it until it's well done. Cut it into pieces that are almost too large to squeeze into the opening of the Kong toy, and stuff it inside. Seal the opening with cream cheese or peanut butter and put the Kong in the freezer for awhile. Dogs can spend hours happily working to get the filling out of these toys, and they will be tired when they're done. And to keep things interesting, you can change the filling you put inside every time you give it to your dogs.

KONG Extreme Black Goodie Bone Dog Toy

The KONG Classic Large Dog Toy has been the gold standard of dog toys for over thirty years. The Puppy KONG dog toy is customized for a growing puppy’s baby teeth, the unique, all-natural rubber formula is the most gentle within the KONG rubber toy line. Designed to meet the needs of a puppy’s 28-baby teeth, it helps teach appropriate chewing behavior while offering enrichment and satisfying a younger pup’s instinctual needs while the erratic bounce make it ideal for those pups that just want to play. A stuffed Puppy KONG occupies busy little ones while allowing pet parents the freedom to attend to their unique needs. Want to make crate training easier or extend play time? Be sure to stuff with puppy kibble and a dash of peanut butter. Add to the fun by including KONG Puppy Snacks and top with KONG Puppy Easy Treat.

KONG The Beast Rope Chew Dog Toy

We love that these dog toys are made to meet the needs of all dogs and that they're virtually indestructible. It's not hard to lay out the money for this dog toy, knowing it can last for the lifetime of your dog. Dogs give Kong toys two paws up!

KONG Traxx Tire Dog Toy, 4.5" Diameter

NOTE: The Kong Classic is made of durable rubber, however, no dog toy is indestructible. Supervise your dog's use of Kong toys until you are confident they can be used safely without supervision. For pups 9 weeks and up.Therefore, it is important that you don’t choose a KONG toy solely on the color you like best. You should choose your KONG based on your dog’s chewing temperament. Alternatively, you can review the chart at the bottom for recommendations on the proper KONG size and color according to the breed of dog(s) you have.If you’re just getting familiar with KONG Pet Toys or happen to be a proud new dog owner; you may not realize the importance of KONG dog toy colors!You might have seen Kongs in the pet store and wondered if you should get one of these for your own dog. Made of nearly indestructible rubber, these hollow toys are designed to provide fun and mental stimulation for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Kongs are among the most popular out there. Is this the right toy for your dog? Here's what you should know about the Kong dog toy.