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I make and offer close to a hundred different types of dog collars. If you count all the brands, types and models available in stores and online you will probably drown in a sea of information.I want to teach YOU in 5 minutes how to make the right decision and save money on your next collar purchase.I will speak about the collars which I make and offer on this website.

Barney the Lab mix would love to win a Glowdoggie collar for Christmas! ~tailwags

Personalized / engraved ID dog collar. (DOG LEASH is available) These collars are made of unique embroidered style South American, Navajo, Tribal,

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Labrador Retriever Dog Collars If your labrador is short-haired, your best bet is a classic flat collar. The most popular of this kind includes collars made from nylon webbing and flat leather. For the dog’s safety, choose something that has a quick-release fastening feature. This will protect him from getting strangled or drowning when accidents happen. The feature detects the struggle and will automatically open to save your dog from eventual mishaps.

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One of the waterproof dog collars available at dogIDs is the personalized collar. This is the collar you see pictured throughout this post. It comes in nine colors, and it’s perfect for active dogs like Ace.

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1" Hot Pink Jolly Roger Skulls Dog Collar. This is a personal favorite of mine. I have oodles of this ribbon and can make it in any size, and on any webbing. It looks great on neon pink or neon green also. This ribbon is also available in 5/8" for smaller sizes. If you'd like matching gear, or other sizes, email me at or fill out our contact us page. Labradors are huge dog breeds that should also have the right collar size to keep them comfortable. Dog Collars for labs come in various types. Each type has different pros, and you should pick one that matches your dog’s needs, features, and lifestyle. The following can be your main options in choosing the best dog collars for your “lab” ones.Regardless of how well behaved your dog is, and despite how much you’d want him to run wild and free, your dog should be wearing a collar. This guide will look at the best collars for dogs available on the market today. Every dog needs a collar primarily because they need something on which to hang their license, ID and rabies vaccine tag. Dog collars play a vital role not only in helping identify your dog, but also keeping it safe for when you need to hold the dog away from potential danger. In case your pup gets lost, the ID and contact tags on the collar can be used to help them find their way back to you.Designed to be both rugged and good looking, the US Palm Cynology War Labs Dog Collar will add a touch of military flare to your pup. Adjustable to fit most dogs between 50 and 90 pounds, the Large Dog Collar has been tested and is worn by: Boxers, Pit bulls, Pointers, Labs, German Shepherds, and similar sized breeds.