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The Pet Park Potty from PetZoom is an affordable and weatherproof pet toilet that can be used indoors or in the yard. Ideal for house training and travelling, this synthetic grass potty is a popular choice amongst dog owners. Available in two sizes, this potty is suitable for all but the extra large dog.

X-Large Pet Potty Patch Dog Training Bathroom Pad Indoor/Outdoor 30x20

For larger or multiple dogs, we offer the XL DoggieLawn which is over double the size of the Medium DoggieLawn at 24 x 48 inches. This size is also great for dogs that like to circle and find just the right spot to potty on! We recommend the use of our XL DoggieLawn Tray with this size. Click to see what you can expect with your first delivery.

Large Indoor Dog Potty - Doggy and the City - Los Angeles

Large Indoor Dog Potty Size Choosing the right indoor dog potty size is very important when choosing your dog potty solution. If you don’t have the right indoor dog potty size your dog will not use their indoor dog potty effectively. Dogs need to move around before they do their business. You have probably seen this happen on many walks. Your dog will move around for a while until they find the perfect spot. This means the indoor dog potty size must be large enough to provide your dog with ample room. Dogs that don’t have enough room will not use their indoor dog potty effectively.

Nov 22, 2013 - The Large Indoor Dog Potty from the Doggy and the City

Our large indoor dog potty is perfect for dog over 15 – 20 lbs. and also those of you that have multiple small dogs. Size does matter when it comes to choosing an indoor dog potty. Our large size is approximately 10 sq. ft. of real natural grass that dogs love. The size of the large indoor dog potty box is 4 ft 3 in x 2 ft 9 in to give your dog plenty of room to move around on it. To see more information on our large dog potty box

X-Large Pet Potty Patch Dog Training Bathroom Pad Indoor ..

The WizDog system (gotta love the name!) is very similar to the UGoDog system. A tray is covered in newspapers or pee pads, then a grate is placed on top to keep the dog's feet out of the mess. The company recommends that solid waste left on top of the grate be dealt with by simply flipping the grate to dump the waste into the catch pan. The WizDog system is made for dogs under 40 pounds, but for larger dogs, two systems can be purchased and placed next to each other. Upgrades available for the WizDog are WizPads, which are purported to attract and encourage your dog to eliminate on the Wizdog, and to be super absorbent, helping to eliminate odors. In addition the company's WizOff, special industrial strength dog stain and odor removal product contains live bacterial enzyme solution to eliminate urine, feces, drool, vomit, and other dog produced stains and odors. The states that this product is completely non-toxic and environmentally safe. The potty system itself retails for $39.95, and a starter kit including the WizPads and WizOff costs $59.95.Since 2007 Doggy and the City has been providing dog potty grass delivery for large dogs living in apartments throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. Our dog potty grass delivery service and indoor dog potty make living in an apartment with your large dog much easier. Sometimes you need a dog potty option late at night and early in the morning. Our dog potty grass delivery for large dogs gives you another convenient option.