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This phenomenon has baffled scientists for years and was recently the subject of a study published in The American Naturalist. According to the lead researcher, Cornelia Kraus, who is an evolutionary biologist at the University of Göttingen in Germany, large dogs age at an accelerated pace, and “their lives seem to unwind in fast motion.”

Your list is inaccurate you left out Irish wolf hound which is actually the largest dog breed in the world

We looked at our survey of 218 veterinary professionals (including veterinarians, veterinary technicians and office managers) to get their takes on the best large breed dogs for the inexperienced. For the purposes of this list, we considered dogs with an average weight of 50 pounds or more. You may not think that 50 pounds is particularly large if you're accustomed to, say, a , but compared to many of the , it's enormous!

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A list of medium-large dog breeds that typically weigh between 50 and 80 pounds. I realize that I have left off several popular large dog breeds. This may not sit well with some of you, but they couldn't all fit on my list (then it wouldn't be a top 10!). So, what's my justification for leaving off some breeds like Newfoundland, Dogue de Bordeaux, Irish Wolfhound, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, and others?

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Like the first two breeds on this list, the is a large dog with an equally big heart. When properly trained, he’s calm, gentle and protective, but you’ll have to do your homework in order to get this strong-willed dog to that point.

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This is a list of large dog breeds or big dog breeds. These large dog breeds are large, but they aren't the largest. They're the second largest in size. For even larger check out the .5. Newfoundland: Normally, Newfoundland is not the world’s largest dog breed but actually some exceptions make them get included in the list. Some of the dogs of this breed can cross even 200 pounds. They are great water rescue dogs and normally named as ‘Gentle Giants’.Height of Newfoundland dog Male is 69–74 cm and Female is 63–69 cm.Some people love to live with a motto “Bigger is better”. This article is exactly for those people. Even sometimes this motto also applies to the pets. There are many large breed of dogs and they are very popular as pets around the world. Here we will be mentioning some of these large with pictures so that it helps you to choose one from the list. If you are one of those people who love something bigger, then of course you should go ahead. Here you can get the pictures 15 types of large dog breeds around the world and their brief description.Do you have a beloved large breed that didn't make the list? Don't be offended — that doesn't mean he's a bad breed or a poor choice. Each , as is every owner and training experience. The breeds listed here were chosen by veterinary professionals because, generally speaking, they exemplify qualities that make them among the easier breeds for people who don't have a lot of experience with dogs.