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There are several types of collar that use chains. A is a loose ring of rolled leather or sturdy fabric that expands and contracts with a chain loop (though some martingales have fabric loops). A is simply a chain loop with no leather that tightens when a trainer gives a correction. A pinch collar can be either a martingale style or made only from chain the thing that makes it a is small spikes on the inside against the dog's neck that aid in training a very disobedient or aggressive dog. No chain collar of any kind should be used except for training purposes. Moreover, a dog should never be left alone in a chain collar. Read about below for more information before purchasing a martingale or other chain collar.

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(metal chain, leather, synthetic). These dog collars are often used as both training and exhibition facilities. However, their low weight is great advantage and for that reason these are well suitable for regular usage. Their choking effect is accepted by dogs as something too approximate to their natural conditions of education within the pack: mother teaches her child slightly pinning him by the throat.

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Triple-Training-Dog-Collar-Chain-Chrome-and-natural-leather-buckle-FREE-SHIPPING I am very impressed with my martingale collars with adjustable leather and chain with clip from BLD. I have purchased two of these for my dogs and they not only are unique in their design, making them easy to adjust and take on and off of my dogs, but they are very functionable and effective as martingale collars. The soft but sturdy leather has held up nicely and the hardware has maintained its shine, yet both are easy to clean and polish as needed. I use mine for my service dog and for training my German Shepherd, both with excellent results. I would recommend one of these to anyone looking for an easy to use martingale collar that will last for years to come, be it for pets, service dogs or any type of working dogs. I don’t think I could ever go back to any other type of martingale collar! Thanks BLD!

A dog collar is a piece of material put around the neck of a dog

Purchased the black Martingale Collar – adjustable leather and chain with clip and it disappears against the black hair of my 112.4 lb Rottweiler Service Dog. He completed his training without any kind of correction collar and the Martingale made by bld being there reinforces his concentrating on work alone. This collar is far superior to anything that is available locally or anyone else I have found. Working with Joshua and Katrina has been a pleasure. If you want the best I have ever found with hand crafted by true artisans here in the USA then BLD is your answer. Honesty and integrity of the highest order.

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