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Take care of your dog’s leather collar by limiting exposure to water. They’re water resistant, but aren’t meant to be submerged often. If you’re looking for a good waterproof collar that looks and feels similar to leather, check out our waterproof dog collar category.

Hand tooled and painted leather dog collars. Made by Collier's Tack & Supply.

Great quality product with great hardware. I'm very happy with this collar overall, but you MUST measure. I have a 11 lb terrier mix and the mall fits him on the last hole. I just guessed with the size , but I'm afraid that the medium would have been way too big. Might just be bad luck with my dog's neck size.

The leather is awesome, and it's starting to build some character with "dog oil" and some marks from random scratching. Its very thick, which for me is great. With a small dog, most store bought collars look more like cat collars to me. It's a handsome accessory, for a handsome (albeit small) dog.

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CALIFORNIA COLLAR CO - leather dog collars, leashes & accessories - Leather ID Tag Holder I just finished designing a new line of leather dog collars and leather leashes. Now there’s a style made for every size of dog with the width of the collar to match. In this new series of dog gear I spent several months sourcing and testing the materials to get it just right. I am now using a new type of leather just for dog collars and leashes, called U.S. Full-Grain Latigo. Latigo leather is typically used in the horse saddle industry due to its extreme durability, resistance to stretch, water resistance and flexibility.

Luxury+Herringbone+Tweed+Dog+Collar+And+Leather+Lead+Set, £103.00

If you want more than a strong functional collar, we can decorate it such as our jeweled dog collar. This studded collar can be plain or have an imprinted name. For collars that are sewn, a different color thread than the leather makes a nice contrast effect.

TOBACCO BROWN K-9 Komfort 3/4 in. Woven Leather Dog Collar

Activedogs leather dog Collars are the highest quality you'll find out. Each one of our leather dog Collars is individually handmade & hand tooled for the best quality possible.
All of the leather is individually inspected and sealed to ensure long life against wear and tear. are not only stylish but, with the proper maintenance, they also last a long time. To make the best out of your dog collar investment, make sure to learn how to clean different types of leather. Distinguishing between different types of leather collars is the first step to proper cleaning. There are many types of leather cleaners and each has its own intended use, so it is always good to read proper instructions before using on your dog's collar. Leather dog collars are available at pet supply stores as well as online through retail sites like eBay. We specialize in Custom Leather Dog Collars and Custom Leather Dog Leashes for the Professional, as well as the Pet Enthusiast. Whether you’re competing in the ring or taking a walk, we have Custom Leather Designs to meet all of your needs. If you are a TOY, TERRIER, NONSPORTING, WORKING, HERDING, SPORTING or HOUND, we have your Fit…No matter what style of owners choose, they are sure to find that leather collars are relatively cheap investments. With the right information regarding the ideal kinds of leather collars for their dogs, informed owners can make well-thought-out decisions in picking the correct leather collar for their beloved canine companions.