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With our LED dog leashes, you can easily see where your dog is at all times. Combining a lighted collar and light up LED leash is the perfect way to keep your dog visible to you, other people, and cars at night or times of low visibility.

Prevent getting hit by a car, wearPup Protector LED lighted dog collars and leashes.

Shop Tough's durable LED dog collars and leashes help keep canines and their owners safe and visible during the dusk, evening, and early-morning hours. Two layers of premium webbing surround and seal off LED light strips, which can hold steady, blink, or flash based on owner and dog preferences. For extra protection, battery compartments remain closed with a screw top designed to thwart prankster squirrels.

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Protect your dog at night with Brite-Strike's lighted dog collar and leash Most lights don't go all of the way to the end of the leash for several reasons. First, the power needed for the longer strip of lights exceeds the amount of juice created by most batteries. Second, when the lights go all of the way down it puts them near the dog's collar and D-ring, the pulling motion on the leash disables the circuitry. Lastly, it creates an additional cost and most people feel most comfortable spending about $20-25 for a lighted leash.

"This is the greatest collar for walking when it is dark or dusk

Bright Light Leash
Available in one size and two colors, this adds extra visibility to you and your dog. Drivers will be sure to see you from a distance away and will slow down upon approaching, which creates a safer enviornment. Tip: If you let your dog off-leash, your dog will stay visible with the collar while you can keep the leash on yourself. The leash is 48" or 121 cm long.

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NIGHTTIME LED DOG COLLARS. Taking your dog out for a walk at night can be difficult and dangerous. Once you let them off the leash, it's pretty hard to spot them in the dark. This collar with a built-in LED light can solve that problem! Since the collar is behind your dog's head, he/she won't be bothered by the lights.Lighted Leashes
A lighted dog leash is the perfect complement to the lighted dog collar. The leash forms a visible line between you and the dog protecting you both while you are walking. The same flickering or blinking lights create a bright light that draws drivers' eyes to you both. THE LED leashes are the most visible and come in a variety of styles. There are also glow leashes and reflective leashes that are not quite as visible. Once you walk at night with this leash, you will not want to walk at night without one.Buying a lighted dog collar and/or leash is one of the cheapest and easiest investments you can make to keep your dog safe. There are many options available for both collars and leashes. The premise behind the products is to create light so that cars or people can easily spot your dog. Many collars have blinking lights that go all the way around the collar so you can see your dog at any angle. The lights flicker or blink to increase the visibility of the collar and are behind the dog's eyes and don't disturb the dog. However, if you think your dog might be sensitive to the lights, we recommend a lighted flickering collar or a glow collar.American Flag is not only stylish but is patriotic, too. It's red, white and blue with bright red led lights is ideal for everyday or holiday specific use.
Dog-E-Glow's light up dog collars are fashionable, high quality, and weather resistant. They combine the functionality of illuminated LED lighting with awesome looking patterns. Our light up led dog collars allow you and others to easily spot your dog from a distance when it is dark outside, and look great during the day! With our LED dog collars, you can easily see where your dog is at all times. Combining a lighted dog collar and lighted dog leash is the perfect way to keep your dog visible to you, other people, and cars at night or times of low visibility.
• Steady Glow and Flash Mode
• Fully weather-resistant, visible up to 1000 feet in the dark
• Batteries and one set of replacement batteries are included (Four 2032 3V Lithium Coin Cell batteries)
Don't forget a matching LED leash to complete your set!