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This 3-door soft crate's stylish design is easily one of the most attractive out there. The steel frame and fabric are reported to be extra-durable and it's made to be well-ventilated for the benefit of your pet (of course you exchange the “inside darkness” for that). It's fairly open all around, has a huge amount of room for larger dogs, zippers work as they should and it's extremely lightweight! Without a doubt one of the best soft dog kennels online. On top of all that, EliteField offers 100% product satisfaction with any time money-back guarantee! If you won't like it – which is unlikely – return it at any time for a full refund.

The PET LIFE Folding Zippered Collapsible Wire-Framed EASY HOUSE Dog Crate is a Lightweight Pet Crate is composed of Dura-Tough Sc

When pet owners need a lightweight portable doghouse for travel; For dogs who prefer to chill in a dark crate with no distractions; For dogs that aren't overly ...

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This soft-sided dog crate is lightweight, can be assembled without tools, and comes together in seconds! All dog owners alike would appreciate it much more when they’re given the option to load a very lightweight, soft sided dog crate into their car for a road trip in no time rather than spend a bunch of time and effort contemplating how they’re going to manage to get in their metal dog crate into the car this time without damaging any part of the car’s interior and exterior.

Pet Dreams Plush Sleep-ezz Lightweight Dog Bed Crate Pad & Reviews

Say you often have to move your dog crate around the house for whatever reason, it’s going to be incredibly easier and less physically strenuous for you to move around a lightweight dog crate made from fabric than is going to be the case with a moderate-heavyweight dog crate made from metal.

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Many have purchased a Mighty Mite as an "extra crate" only to find that it is now their only crate. Why? Because dog tents pack smaller, weigh less and are easier to snap open and close; even easier to swing over your shoulder or stuff into your pack and just "go." If you're on the move with your dog, you'll find a dog tent to the be the ultimate in stress-free lightweight travel! Same like in , you have an aggressive pet who absolutely despises being in dark crates, is jumpy and/or hyperactive, this crate is not for you (or your dog). But if your pet loves to relax and chill in a closed up place with no distractions, this is a pretty solid option that looks modern and is very lightweight. For more concrete details and measurements, please visit products' Amazon page.After considering the above, we've done our research for finding top five best soft sided dog crate that will suit the needs of most pet owners looking for a lightweight, portable product. The same way we did the list, best value for the price, quality, manufacturer's reputation and, most importantly, customers' reviews were considered when picking only the very best items. Here's our top 5 picks for the most recommended and best priced soft crates for dogs.This best soft sided dog crate combines all the pros of other soft dog cages mentioned above without any of their cons whatsoever. It's sturdy, durable, well-ventilated and can be used both indoors and outdoors. NozToNoz is lightweight and can be carried wherever you go, while at the same time the cover is made from heavy duty tightly weaved mesh fabric that will prevent any kind of dog breed from breaking out of it.