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This is usually easiest if the dog is lying on your lap, on its back and side. With one hand, the hair is parted to the skin and held down while the other hand gently combs through the hair below the part. Once this section is smooth and tangle free, another section of hair is pulled down along the part and groomed in the same way. You should moisten each layer with a light mist of conditioner or coat dressing before brushing/combing to avoid breakage, especially if you are trying to keep the coat in show condition. Fabulous grooming spray serum is just one example of products that can be used.

Detailed grooming tool use and how to demat and brush out a tangled coat on a long haired dog.

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It is very important that you have a conditioning spray whenever you go to brush your dog, if you do not re introduce some sort of moisture to your dogs coat while brushing them, it is going to create static electricity which will also promote tangling so you are working against yourself. So it is actually important to re introduce a little bit just a light listing will do. Whenever you got to brush your dogs coat, you want to take your hand that you are not brushing with and you want to lift the coat up against the growth, what you are doing is that you are forming part down to the skin so you can actually see what you are going. You also want to create a system. You want to start from one particular area on your dog consistently.

So it is kind of mindless on your part you can sit in front of the Tv. You can punch your dog on your surface you can tie your dog to top from poll. However you want to do it. However your dog demands that you do it. If you have a very active and uncooperative dog and there again you can see I am brushing so that I am forming a part down to the skin. If you are brushing your dog and you are just doing this, this is what I like to call, patting your dog with your brush or surface brushing, you want to make sure, that you brush all the way through your dog, she hates her legs being brushed always has.

Okay when it comes to the head and the ears, some of your breeds that have really long hair you actually want to pull the ear hair the ear hair up and brush down towards the neckline. Brushing this way actually causes pain to your dog. Just keep right going on through your dog and take your comb and check your work. If your comb is not drop through your dogs hair and you catch a tangle, then you need to go back with your brush and work on that area. Do not put a lot of pressure behind your brush, you will brush burn and irritate the skin if you come across any tangles, you just hold on to the coat with these fingers, and brush those tangles out, pretend my hands is a mat and this is the dog's body, you want to start from the edge of a mat and work your way in gradually.

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On the page You can find prices for: long hair dog brush set - Statements Ltd Grooming long haired Chihuahuas requires a little bit more attention than their short haired counterparts, but not anything as drastic as some websites suggest. The frequency in which you brush your Chihuahua depends alot upon different factors and personal preference. How long is your dog's hair? How much does your dog shed? Do they play outside alot? How nice do you want your Chihuahua to look? A lot of websites recommend that you brush your long coat Chihuahua a minimum of once per week to avoid getting knots and tangles in their hair. I have personally gone months without brushing my long hair Chihuahua, and saw no knots or tangles develop. That being said, I do bathe my Chihuahuas regularly, and that particular long hair of mine has an exceptional coat (she rarely sheds).

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Short-haired dogs, such as the Beagle, Doberman, Great Dane and Boxer require the use of a brush. A slicker brush and a pin brush must be used on dogs with double-textured fur, such as the husky and Chow Chow. Long-haired dogs like the Shih Tzu, Maltese, Yorkshire terrier and Afghan need to be brushed with slicker and pin brushes, as well as a comb for the final feathering.

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