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aking homemade healthy treats for your dog takes only a few minutes. Powdered milk, which is simply low-fat dairy milk with the liquid removed, is a good source of protein and calcium, so you can use it as a nutritious ingredient in your homemade dog treats.

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Since my dog's regular food is homemade (I don't trust ANY commercial dog food to be safe and healthy), also because she has allergies and must eat a low-fat diet to prevent pancreatitis, I'm always glad to see healthy treat recipes. You have some good ones. (I love the photo of Oxy and the Pom.)

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Dec 2, 2009 - Really Low-Cal Treats: Most homemade dog treats are naturally low-calorie and low in fat What’s the latest in home-made dog treats? Silicone! That’s right—from molds shaped like paws or bones to pans meant for low-fat roasting that (flipped on their backs) allow you to bake tiny treats that are perfect for training . . . small enough so you can use many of them during a training session without risking your dog’s becoming full.

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Do you have an extra pudgy dog? It's possible that he's combating dog obesity. If so, there's no need to cut out all of the homemade dog treats. You'll just want to switch to low fat dog treats like this flavorful Italian Spinach balls dog treat recipe.

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Really Low-Cal Treats: Most homemade dog treats are naturally low-calorie and low in fat. Another option is to look in your fridge for treats such as carrots, celery, green beans, apples and blueberries.Making low-calorie treats for your dog and eschewing high-fat commercial ones is a sound choice that benefits her waistline, well-being and longevity. Whether trying to attain or maintain your pup’s ideal weight, nutritious homemade treats fed in moderation can be a small, but healthful component of the overall diet. Quick and simple to make, homemade, low-cal crunchy biscuits and mouth-watering jerky are perfect for training rewards, special occasions and celebrating the bond you have with your best friend.