Your tiny pet will be grateful for this functional gadget. A special bed ramp makes the bed accessible for your little dog while retaining the trend-right look of your bedroom: just look at this carved banister and cherry wood finish.

currently working on making an old night stand into this doggie ramp for my little Dog, Coco

When the Home section profiled Katie and Charles Arnoldi in March, among the design elements in their Malibu house was a custom dog ramp. The couple had asked Venice cabinetmaker Tucker Strasser to design a ramp after their bulldog, Rosie, no longer could vault into bed with them.

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DIY Dog Ramp ~ I HAVE TO MAKE ONE FOR Daisy!! Those plastic ones w/ the cheesy cover, just don't cut it for my Daisy-Bug!! xo So my wife and I walked the aisles of Home Depot looking for parts and pieces that we could use to make a ramp for our dog, We found six foot closet shelves that went for ten bucks each and bought two of them to interlace, zip-tie and use as the ramp structure itself. We also purchased a six foot by two foot piece of outdoor carpet for the main anti-slip surfacing for the ramp assembly. By the way, if you want the carpeting to completely cover the assembly, then you will need to purchase a piece that's about two feet-eight inches wide.

Build a dog ramp. Make outdoor dog ramps out of plywood and lumber.

The tricky part about building the ramp is finding the right angle. Your angle determines how long the ramp should be. Measure the height you need to reach the top of your porch or into your car. Stretching out a measuring tape from the highest point to the ground can help you see the angle of the ramp; an angle tool can help find an exact measurement. Some basic guidelines are steeper slopes for young or middle-aged healthy dogs, a milder slope for older dogs and a gentle slope for arthritic or injured dogs. A steep slope would be 26 degrees. If you need a final height of 24 inches, the ramp must be 54 inches long to make a 26-degree slope. For a milder 22-degree slope, the ramp should be 64 inches, and a gentle 18-degree slope needs a 74-inch ramp.

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Is your dog aging? Does it have arthritis? Do you have a small dog that has a problem getting into the back of your SUV or maybe it just can't up get to places you want it to go. A dog ramp or dog stairs are simple projects that can make your dog's life easier and make you feel better! A dog ramp or dog stairs also makes a perfect gift for a friend or relative that may have a dog with disabilities.Start at the bottom of the plywood. Cut to size and attach the wooden trim cross wise over the carpeting on the plywood, nailing them in place. Make sure it leaves a one inch difference on either side. You will want to place the trim up the ramp at places where your dog can easily use them as steps. Place the ramp where you would like it. You can then overlap the top of the ramp to the top of the step by a few inches. This will ensure that the ramp is stable. Add trim as needed to keep them four inches apart going down the length of the carpeted plywood.