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If a medium or large size dog a dog car seat is a better option for you. They are strong enough to restrain the largest of dogs and are very inexpensive. They consist of a tether which on one side clips onto your dogs collar or harness and on the other end clips into your safety belt buckle. Most dog owners who purchase one also buy a car harness to attach it to and often a dog car seat cover to keep their big dog from damaging the upholstery of their car.

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This dog car seat cover is something that would remind most of a picnic basket or a small dog carrier. This particular model is their standard size. They do offer medium, large and extra-large for different breeds.

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Medium Dog Car Booster/Car Seat by AngelscarvesbyAngela on Etsy, $60.00 What dog owners will love is the variety of colors, fabric options and designs that Snoozer Lookout car dog seat comes in (they currently have 10 different designs, all comfy looking). For protection, there's a strap provided for car's seat belt to join the harness. In terms of sizes, they only have two (small and medium), and the medium dog car seat will support any pooch up to 25 lbs.

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If you haven't guessed yet, the only safe way to bring your dog with you in a vehicle is to restrain him with a dog harness, dog crate or doggy car seat. While harnesses work well for any size dog, car seats are typically only available for small and medium breeds. The below five best large dog booster seats are some of the largest on the market today.

Luxury Lookout I Dog Car Seat - Medium/Saddle/Butter - JiBrands

Dog car seats are really made and designed foras well as some medium sized dogs(ones on the smaller side). While they do come in sizes from small to large, and a small dog car seat does fit a small dog that does not mean that a large size seat can accommodate a large dog. Large dog seats can usually only handle a dog of around 25-30 pounds depending on the manufacturer. If your dog is larger than that, it is probably a better idea to consider a dog car seat belt or you might be able to use a bench booster seat. There are no industry standard sizes for these types of seats so the sizes are described by their dimensions in inches or centimeters, and by the weight of the dog that the seat can safely hold and these will be different depending on the manufacturer.In 1975, a woman named Marie French received a , which hooked up to the back of a car, and, with the exception of some food and water bowls, was relatively empty on the inside so pets could roam freely. It also featured built-in viewing ports so that pets could look outside, while also keeping it properly insulated. When listing her reasons for creating the trailer, French stated many of the same safety concerns that pet owners still have today, like the hazards of leaving a dog in a locked car when the owners get out and the lack of proper seatbelts for pets.