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Much more than a small piece of plastic with a name and phone number.
Real Military dog tags are approximately 1" x 2", may be to big for smaller dogs and cats.

I have ordered numerous military dog tag sets for my dogs from GoTags.

Gone is the thunder of exploding bombs and artillery shells ahead of the storm. Destruction litters the battlefield from the wrath. Rifles, machine guns and cannon now lay silent. Choking dust, stench and billowing smoke fills the air. Burned-out mechanized vehicles lie mangled. Bodies of fallen troops rest among the crimson red ground. How can the wounded or dead be identified after the unrelenting ferocity? The answer is the Dog Tag, an informal name, similar to the permit on a pet dog’s collar. Military Dog Tags are actually part of the uniform, mandatory by most governments for the sole purpose of identification.

Military Dog ID TagsAs low as: $ 10.00..

Explore Regina DeGrenier's board Dog tags are not just for canines. Many domestic dogs wear tags as accessories for identification purposes, and authentic serve a similar purpose. In military situations, these dog tags, now known as identification tags, continue to prove their true value in serious scenarios. When a soldier becomes hurt or dies, these tags provide the military with the means to identify the soldier. Civilians can purchase dogs tags for themselves, some authentic and some reproductions, as a fashion accessory or to make a statement. Regardless of what purpose they serve, there are several things to look for when buying dog tags.

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