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Pearls Au Lait Milk Bath is a moisturizing shampoo for dogs and cats. It is gentle and non-irritating, leaving your pet's skin and coat thoroughly clean, shiny and softer than you ever thought possible. Treat your dog or cat to a luxurious

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With several rich conditioning ingredients, a coconut oil mix will add glossiness and movement back to dull, damaged fur. It is also soothing to irritated skin. Combine half a cup coconut oil, two tsp. olive oil, 1 tbsp. bath oil and two drops of vanilla extract. In a separate bowl, whip an egg until it is fluffy, add 1 cup milk and 1 tbsp. honey. In another bowl, mash one banana together with one avocado and 1 cup mayonnaise. Combine the egg mixture with the banana mixture, then add the oil mixture. Massage the resulting conditioner into the dog's fur and skin and let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. This conditioner will keep for up to two weeks in the refrigerator.

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Oatmeal Bath for Dogs (with Pictures) - Instructables This 3 in 1 Dog Shampoo Goat Milk Soap bar is designed specifically for dogs (not to be used on cats!) and the scent will invigorate both you and your best friend as soon as you start the bathing process. As our soaps are made with therapeutic plant based ingredients, the natural healing attributes of the goats milk soap will soak in to the skin and leave your dog with a refreshed, balanced skin complexion. Unlike the harsh chemically laden stuff they have the nerve to call soap sold in big box stores.

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