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ground crate A dog crate is perfect for housetraining your pet and protecting your furniture from getting chewed up while you're away.. This stylish modern dog crate will look just as nice in your home as your own furniture - no more ugly wire crate.

Modern Dog Crates That Look More Like Sophisticated Furniture Than A Puppy Prison

The striking, powder coated steel starburst design and sleek outline will elicit ooo's and aahh's from your friends and family, while also setting your pet's tail wagging endlessly.Modern dog crate furniture should be designed to appeal to your dog's instinctive desire to retreat to a cozy and safe space, while also appealing to your desire for a modern look and feel. The Bowhaus achieves all that and more.Patent protected design ensures your Bowhaus is unique to your home.Bed

BowHaus Modern Dog Crate Furniture-Silver - Beyond The Crate

Mid Century Modern Dog Crate Furniture | Wooden Dog House | Fleece Lounge Pad | MCM Walnut Side Table | Dogs need comfortable and cosy crates. They just love them, that's a fact. But you don't have to strike compromises with the style just because you're an owner of a lovely pet. Today, dog crates come in plenty of styles and shapes, and the best of them are designed to fit right into your interior design. That's what we've prepared for you here, all the best examples of furniture style dog crates. Before you pick one, it's good to get to know them better, to be able to buy a correct dog crate.

The comfort of your dog comes first. Depending on the breed of your dog, the size of the crate you need varies. An overly small dog crate will make your dog feel uncomfortable, and may even cause injuries. On the other hand, a dog crate that's too big won't be very cosy, and your dog won't be able to feel at home in it. Ideally, it should be big enough for your dog to be able to freely turn around in it, with around 10 inches of free space from each size.

Now, the design of your dog crate is very important. Not only because a dog crate that's cohesive with the rest of your interior design will look good, but also because your dog will like it more if it matches the surroundings. An out of place, mismatched crate can cause unease. You don't want to upset your dog, so pick one that looks like the rest of your place.

All of the dog crates we've prepared for you here are furniture style, which means they resemble ordinary furniture. They come in all imaginable styles, materials and sizes, to make sure everyone can find an appropriate dog crate that will match the design of his house. It doesn't matter if you live in a modern apartment or a cottage-style house in England, we're sure there is at least one appropriate dog crate right here, perfect for your situation!

Another important aspect of the dog crate is its finish. No sharp edges allowed, for obvious reasons. Dog crates have to be polished, safe to use and easy to operate. That's why the opening mechanism is very important. It has to be durable and firm, for times when you'll want to keep your dog locked inside, for example when someone visits you. However, it also has to be easy to open, for safety reasons – for example, in the case of a fire alarm, you have to be able to unlock it instantly. Rest assured, all of the dog crates we've prepared for you are safe and trustworthy, but it's still good to have things like this in mind and double check them.

That covers the topic of furniture style dog crates – now you're more than prepared to pick a dog crate that's both stylish and practical. Go ahead and look around, we're sure that here you'll be able to find a dog crate that will satisfy both you and your dog!

Dog crate that also is a fancy piece of modern industrial furniture

Dogs need proper houses, and this furniture dog crate is an excellent choice. Dark colour and minimalistic finish make it elegant, modern and stylish. It plays a double duty of being a TV stand and a dog house, both at once.

BowHaus Modern Dog Crate Furniture-Silver