Offers The Best USA Moose, Elk and Deer Antler Dogs Chews

Our parent company, American Natural Resources, is a rustic furniture
manufacturer specializing in antler chandeliers, tables, shelf units, etc. ANR
has been an active business since 1968 and is located in Griffith, Indiana,
part of the greater Chicago area. Our American Antler Dog Chews are cut and
packaged at this location. Actively buying tons of antlers a year allows us to
provide our customers with high quality antlers at a great price.

Every year deer, elk, and moose throughout North America naturally shed their
antlers. These naturally shed antlers are collected from farms and woods by a
variety of antler collectors which are sold to dealers. All of our antlers are collected in the
USA and are naturally shed.

When brought to the market place antlers are graded 1 through 4. Number 1's
are the most recent year's sheds that have whole points and rich color, Number 2 antler is an antler with a defect such as a broken tip, while Number 3 and 4 antlers are the antlers that have spent years on the ground losing most of their nutritional value and become brittle and dangerous for your dog. American Antler Dog Chews are made exclusively from number 1's and 2's. This quality means more nutritional value and no splintering. We give our customers more bone for the buck in quality and in size.

Deer, elk, and moose's diet consists of all natural vegetation ensuring
healthy, organic antler growth. American Antler Dog Chews are cleaned with a
warm water and a nylon brush as needed and the sharp edges are sanded
to avoid injuring the dogs or the package. That is all the processing needed.
They are not exposed to hormones, steroids, or artificial flavoring.

Medium moose antler dog chews are the perfect natural dog chews for medium-sized dogs.

The Minnie Mountain Dog Moose antler chew is actually a nice serving of Moose antler for your Minnie Mountain Dog to munch! In fact, for most Dogs and Puppies and smaller 5-20 pound Dogs the Minnie Moose chew is a favorite. These have also been successful "introductory to antler" chews for most Dogs that were previously uninterested Antlers.

Our Moose antlers come from Maine and Alaska

Chewing on antler chews is good for your dog's teeth, so satisfy their urge to chew with deer, moose or elk antler chews For the last three years, I have ordered my Weimeraner a mammoth whole antler from Mountain Dog Chews which lasts him over a year. Recently I ordered a replacement because he loves chewng on it daily and didn't dare be without one. I decided to also order a mammoth moose chew as I'd never seen them before. Hansa is totally ecstatic over this moose chew but I am extremely disappointed to discover that this $48 chew will only last 2 weeks. Personally I find this item overpriced or only for the wealthy but dogs definitely love them!

Moose Antlers For Dogs – Got Antler?

We’ve got USA elk and deer and moose antlers. Why have moose antler chews for dogs? What is so different? Well, some things are the same for deer and elk but some things ARE different for moose. For starters, the nutritional values are basically the same between all of them. …

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