Best Heavy Duty Dog Crates Review 2017: Strong Escape Proof Cages

ecoFLEX Tough Pet Crate is a stylish dog crate that is designed to comfortably contain your pet while indoors. The crate is made using durable wood polymer composite material and stainless steel spindles, which provide your dog with a higher level of security that you cannot get from most dog crates. It is also designed to function as a table, and it comes with a furniture-like appearance that allows it to be placed in the living room or even bedroom. The top of the crate can be used as a lamp stand, vase stand, photo frame stand, or even a coffee table, and it is thus popularly referred to as a crate table.

Steel and aluminum are the strongest materials and make for the most durable dog crates

Strongest: If you’re looking for the strongest, most durable chew-proof dog crate out there on the market today by a long shot, you’ve found it.

Top 10 Best Extra Large Dog Crates in 2017

Jul 1, 2015 - The Gunner Kennel is the most durable dog crate on the market, and we can prove it This crate is great value and quite durable. It is probably the most attractive option on this list and super simple to clean. If you have a dog that is extremely destructive and hell bent on escaping his crate, the locks on this model may be a bit too simplistic.

Sep 6, 2015 - Looking for pet crates for large dogs

Probably you are looking for the best soft dog crates for your lovely pet dog. This is one of the most popular soft dog crates which is well ventilated, lightweight, stylish and durable. The crate frame is built with strong steel tube. Also, let’s know the details about this soft dog crate.

Which Dog Crate Is Best For Your Dog

Its not easy trying to find the correct size crate for your canine friend. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, giant ones ( xxl), medium(m), and small ones(s), so you have to make sure you find a quality crate that is the right size and is comfortable for your pet. If you have a large dog or puppy, you will need to make sure the dog cage is sturdy, possibly with reinforced steel wire or steel tubes. Some of the most durable and toughest dog crates use 20-gauge steel or wide diameter steel tubes or aluminum. The kind of steel used in a wire crate will need to withstand being chewed . For small animals, a lightweight crate with locks or latches to prevent an 'escape artist' will probably do.This 3-door soft crate's stylish design is easily one of the most attractive out there. The steel frame and fabric are reported to be extra-durable and it's made to be well-ventilated for the benefit of your pet (of course you exchange the “inside darkness” for that). It's fairly open all around, has a huge amount of room for larger dogs, zippers work as they should and it's extremely lightweight! Without a doubt one of the best soft dog kennels online. On top of all that, EliteField offers 100% product satisfaction with any time money-back guarantee! If you won't like it – which is unlikely – return it at any time for a full refund.