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However, since kennel cough can be caused by a number of pathogens and circumstances, vaccination alone is not a guarantee to keeping your dogs safe from kennel cough, so cleanliness and hygiene also play a significant role. As for hygiene, if you have two or more dogs in your home, clean their toys, dishes, blankets, and anything else they share on a regular basis. In kennels, shelters, and homes with multiple dogs, keeping the dogs’ common environment clean and disinfected is the best practical safeguard against the rapid spread of infection of all kinds.

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While you may not plan on leaving your pet in a dog kennel while you're at home, building a kennel may be beneficial. The reason for this is that many pets become frightened while waiting in dog kennels at the vet's office, or if their owners leave them in a sheltered kennel for a trip or vacation. Get your dog used to the idea of being in a kennel by building your own multi-dog kennel. Multi-dog kennels are good for those families that have more than one dog, as they help to separate dogs out so that they can't fight or have any problems. Read on for the steps on how to build a kennel of this type.

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Multiple dog kennels with galvanised steel mesh rather than steel doors 3. Choose a location with room both indoors and outdoors. Your location needs room for multiple kennels inside and dog runs or exercise areas outside to meet the dogs' activity needs. If possible, choose a location with at least one large room as well as smaller rooms that can be used as office space and a space to separate dogs that are in heat or otherwise disruptive.

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In addition to the features above, Pro Series kennels can have multiple compartments for different dogs, can be backless to rest against a building, can be made with designated “play zones” and more.

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ennel cough is a bacterial infection spread primarily through the bacterial infection bordetella. A contagious disorder, kennel cough gets its name because of its ease of spreading in locations like kennels and shelters -- anywhere multiple dogs are housed together. The disorder in itself is typically not life-threatening unless complications arise; mild cases don't often require medical intervention.While reputable kennels tend to ask for proof of vaccination as a requirement of boarding dogs, that does not prevent any dog from potentially being a carrier. It is always worthwhile if your dog is going to be around a number of other dogs who might have kennel cough symptoms, or if you own multiple dogs, to make certain their vaccinations are current before exposing them to situations that are naturally higher-risk for kennel cough.Single-dog homes are not at great risk of their pet contracting kennel cough. As the name suggests, dog owners who should be most concerned about kennel cough are those who own multiple dogs who occupy the same common areas or spend a lot of time in close contact with each other. Vaccination and hygiene together are the best plan of attack to prevent the rise and spread of kennel cough.On April 27, 2010, the Greenville City Council passed an ordinance regulating the number of dogs and cats an individual can have at their home. The ordinance allows a person to possess:If an individual possesses more animals than allowed by ordinance a permit is required. There are two separate permits, a Private Kennel Permit and a Multi-Pet Premises Permit. The Private Kennel Permit is for non-sterilized dogs and cats, and the application fee is $250.00. The Multi-Pet Premises Permit is for sterilized dogs and cats, and the application fee is $100.00. Apply at the Community Development Department, 2315 Johnson Street, Greenville, Texas.