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Hi everybody. I’ve come across this blog and I am delighted. So much information on things I need to work with my dogs. Especially the Belgian shepherd adopted 6 weeks ago as she has a lot of behavioral problems caused by living in a shelter for most of her life. I am currently train her to walk in a basket muzzle because she keeps chasing all animals on the walks and tries to nibble them (if this is the right word as English is not my mother tongue). She doesn’t like the muzzle and even though behaves really good when I put it on her, during the walk she tries to take it off with her paws. Is it my mistake in the training or just normal attempts to remove something which is not her choice? I try to correct her to leave it and keep walking or running, but she tries again after some time. Any ideas how to prevent her from fighting the muzzle on the walk?

–  for the muzzle straps (also useful if your dog’s harness causes irritation)

If you are unsure of the size to choose, call our office and we will do our best to help you decide the best style and size of muzzle for your dog. To measure your dog's nose, see the instructions at the top of this page.

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How to measure your dog for a correct dog muzzle #dogsafety #dogsuk #dogsupplies I like these muzzles best for training a dog to accept a muzzle. The plastic is soft and pliable, making it a comfortable muzzle for the dog to accept. The clear version offers a view of how much the dog is panting, snarling, etc. so you can gauge your training. The small holes offer adequate air flow, but also make it easy to fill the muzzle up with food/treats for initial muzzle training. Eating is difficult or impossible with this muzzle, but drinking is possible. For dogs prone to fighting with the muzzle on, it’s worth mentioning that, in my opinion, this muzzle hurts the least to be punched with.

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Fit is comfortable. Pricing is decent while the positive energy that it injects into dogs and ability ti contain bad behavior well at the same time has made it a sought-after product. Well-fitted, your dog will stay very quiet and happy. The muzzle will also attract it numerous compliments outdoors, which improves the experience even further. Purchase an original for your dog today, to get the best.

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Soft, anti-irritant fabrics wrapped around the basket portion of the muzzle, the straps, or both are a great way to prevent your dog’s skin from becoming irritated from rubbing against the muzzle. For dogs with hard-to-fit snouts, placing a bit of support at near the nose bridge helps prevent slipping and rubbing. There are a large variety of materials that work, but here are some of our favorites:The Muzzle Up! Project is always on the lookout for new ways to provide muzzled dogs enrichment. We recently discovered some new options for from . We tested the and toys from their Zogoflex line and found them to be a great muzzle fetch option for dogs who wear Baskerville muzzles. The toys are slim enough to fit through the front gap of the muzzle, allowing dogs to retrieve and tug with the tips of their front teeth. Another perk: the toys come with a lifetime guarantee!