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Thanks for this article! My dog got kicked out of daycare after almost 7 months of good behavior – she bit a labradoodle who wouldn’t let her rest. She is a good dog, she just prefers people over the company of other dogs (except her boyfriend Gustav the Ridgeback). She appeared to love daycare, always super excited and waggly tailed when we got there – darting out of the car directly to the “handler” who she adores, but I believe it was the people who worked there that she loved (they are amazing), not so much the other dogs. I thought she would like the extra doggy socialization, but apparently she does not. I hate that she is home alone all day (I try to get home at lunch to walk her and play a bit), but she doesn’t destroy anything or stress chew, so maybe I am the only one with anxiety here!

Known for: Top rated doggy daycare in Charlotte and the place where all my friends (two people) bring their dogs.

I mean when humans say, “It’s a dog’s life” they have got to be referring to the great time we all have at DDS. Just living in the moment, enjoying one another’s company and playing… playing… playing! You, know, I even look forward to my monthly Spa bath (despite the blow dryer) although it shortens my playtime; it feels so great to get a good scrub. So thank you Doggy Daycare and Spa for letting me join your pack!

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I WOULD LIDE TO START UP MY OWN DOGGY DAYCARE AND I NEED ALL THE INFORMATION I CAN GET TO HELP ME WITH THAT My name is Atticus Scout Doyle and I’m one of the hip hounds who hang out at Doggy Daycare and Spa. I don’t mean to brag, but all my friends- and that includes my human friends- look forward to my arrival each week because of my “hip-ness” (after all, I am a Labrador!) which includes tail-wagging as I wait to be unleashed and let into the playroom, exchanging happy hello barks with my playmates, and special nose nudges with my best girlfriends May and Addie!

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Olive’s favorite day of the week is when she goes to daycare to play all day with her friends. My favorite day of the week is the day after she goes to daycare because she sleeps all day because she is so tired. Olive could be the poster dog of Doggy Daycare and Spa; she loves the place and the staff!

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We have 2 convenient locations, A Pet Spa by Groomingdales in Fort Myers and A Doggy Day Spa by Groomingdales north Naples, Florida. At both locations we are dedicated to understanding the needs of your pet and their comfort level. We specialize in grooming every breed of dog or cat, offer daily daycare and overnight boarding. Our pet stylists are gentle, caring, compassionate, and highly skilled in the art of pet styling. A couple years ago, Izzy’s mommy was no longer able to care for her so she has been living in a foster home. If you are looking for a furry companion Izzy is a 13-year-old Briard and is approximately 28lbs. She absolutely loves playing at Lucy’s in doggy daycare with the other pups and splashing […]