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It’s too bad this brand gets such a low rating. My dog cannot tolerate high protein foods and gets loose stools on them. I tried Orijen, Nulo, Merrick L.I.D. all of which she had loose stools on. Finally after switching her to Natural Balance her stool is acceptable/normal. I’ve also been able to take her off Benadryl, as her itching has gone away.

The Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets product line includes 14 dry dog foods.

FYI, though… Natural Balance is far from the highest quality. It’s a fine start into better quality foods, but it certainly is not the best thing for a dog. There are just too many carbs in their food (mainly potato, as I know many people that refer to NB as “a bag of potatoes”). Earthborn Holistic Grain Frees are a really good food at a very reasonable price, and it’s available in most areas. I know Anderson’s and Pet Supplies Plus carry it. I also like Zignature and Merrick Grain Free, at least when it comes to somebody a bit budget conscious.

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The Natural Balance Wild Pursuit product line includes three dry dog foods. Based in Burbank, California, Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Pet Foods® was founded in 1989 with the philosophy of providing pets and their owners The Food For a Lifetime®. Our goal was to create pet food based on sound scientific principles and nutritional truths. We are proud to offer a wide selection of premium dog and cat foods that are used and respected worldwide by top trainers, rescues and caring pet owners who want the very best for their pets.

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I had my 1 yr old chi/min pin on NB ultra and it was simply too high of carb at 53%. Developed smelly skin, yeast, ear inf and even a uti. This was all while on ultra and Natural balance LIDS. Too mutant potatoes and grains. Then switched to Whole Earth Foods and things improved. Now transitioning onto Nutrisca and even better results. Dog doesn’t smell and itching decreased dramatically. Just wanted to share. Nowmy goal is to have a 4-5 food rotation and I am entertaining the idea of Nutrisca, Amicus, wellness, Solid Gold and merrick. Even though the latter three have grains, they are below 43%. High carbs, I believe we’re the culprit. Natural balance LIDS were in the 60’s range.

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On April 27, 2007, Natural Balance issued a second recall for three canned dog food and one canned cat food. Like the first recall, the contaminants were in rice protein concentrates. As with the venison based formulas, rice protein concentrate was not on the list of ingredients of the four products. This time, Natural Balance claimed that their canned food manufacturer American Nutrition, Inc (ANI) added the rice protein concentrate without their knowledge or consent, calling it a "manufacturing deviation". In response, ANI issued a press release denying any deliberate or intentionally wrongful conduct, claiming that "customers specifically required rice-based formulations". Along with Natural Balance, other pet food organizations such as Blue Buffalo and Menu Foods were affected by the contaminated products and issued recalls.I recently found this Dry Dog food at my local global pet foods. My 8+ year old female German Shepherd has skin/food allergies. The sales staff were very helpful in recommending Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet. I was using a veterinarian brand which was helping but unfortunately the prices kept increasing. We put her on the Duck & Potato dry food for adults. She loved it. I even started using the kibble for a treat. Unfortunately the Ducks was out of stock 2 times after returning to purchase more. I was told the manufacturer was having issues supplying the Duck.