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I love this dog food. My 3 1/2 year old Pit Mix is a little chubby, and while she already lost 6 lbs while cutting her calories, I found her old food had too much fat for my liking. I do feed a rotational diet for my two dogs, (the other is a 9 year old bichon), but I could never find high quality low fat foods. It was always 13%, 15%, and the one I did Find with about 8% fat had a butt load of carbs. I did try it, it is Fat Dogs by Natural Balance, Saige wasn’t a fan.
The thing about kibbles, is Saige didn’t eat them on their own. This is the first dry dog food I’ve found she will readily gobble up, if I spill a couple, or if I give it as a treat. That is very exciting for me.
While it’s too early to tell if she will lose weight from the food or how she will benefit from it, from the ingredients and nutrients alone I would recommend this food. Not to mention the delicious taste!
It is important to note that both of my dogs are fed a mix of wet and dry dog food, sometimes dehydrated and boiled chicken. They do not live on kibble alone, but adding it definitely helps us to afford high quality foods on a budget.
Thank you for taking the time to read my review!

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What if your puppy is very, very young? Most of us receive our fuzzy friends at six to eight weeks of age, already weaned. Your puppy’s mother’s milk is perfectly formulated to meet every nutritional need during this critical stage of intense development. If you have a younger dog, for whatever reason, best puppy food for him are like Esbilac are available for unweaned puppies. They feature the critical balance of fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals that would be naturally present in a mother’s milk. Beyond the age of eight weeks, your buddy will be ready to move on to hard food. We hope that our puppy food reviews and buying guide help you find just the right food for your little doggie, and that he gobbles it up fast. Healthy food is a lifelong investment in your dog, and it is never more important than when he is a pup.

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Jump to Reviews - 1–4 of 6. Natural Balance Fat Dogs is perfect for dogs that need to lose a few pounds. Nutritionally balanced, Fat Dogs is low in calories, but high in taste and satisfaction. A unique blend of fiber helps support healthy digestion, while a blend of protein is designed to keep your dog nutritionally balanced.

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