nice dog house or play area for the kids or Ollie's new dog crate!

3. Make the dog’s crate nice and comfy, with one of your old t-shirts, some of the dog’s favorite toys, and a nice soft blanket. Comfort is key to getting a dog to accept his crate, leaving the door open so he can come and go as he pleases will help.

A nicer looking dog crate made from a baby crib.. or bunnies/chickens!

Wow, that's a nice-looking crate. I am reorganizing a few rooms of my house and was toying with building something for my dogs after looking at your website and getting some ideas. I eventually settled on a few metal crates that I found online, figuring I might take forever to build a homemade one. I just ordered them the other day, in fact. I figured after they arrived, I would build something like the table Kristin shows above to go over them. I think having a table or something like that will optimize the space in the room where I'm intending to put them, by giving me additional surfaces for storing things in that room. Maybe I'll post some pictures when I actually get them built.

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place a board covered with nice fabric over dog crate for instant added countertop in your space. From the personalized customer service in answering all my questions, to the delivery and the actual crating of the kennel itself to be shipped, I was thoroughly impressed with it all! The wait was long, though we knew this from the start, but worth EVERY minute. Our dogs love their double dog den, it is a decorative piece in our dining area, rather than ugly wire kennels. The craftsmanship of the kennel itself is amazing and you can tell that attention to detail is important. The kennel draws attention from everyone who visits and they can’t believe how nice it actually is! Pictures just do not do it justice…so much better in person. Thank you for the amazing kennel for our pups.

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Available at many different measurements, the Midwest Life dog crate is also a nice consideration. The design of this dog crate is just strong and powerful to keep the dog safely inside. For the assembling, it is a piece of cake while it can also be refolded to make portable to carry around conveniently. Additionally, a plastic pan is added.

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Everyone likes some degree of comfort. The same is with your dogs, which can now have their own unique crate. And you can have a nice-looking and functional piece of furniture. All you need to do is take this rare opportunity and choose from this variety of dog crate models. If your dog needs a place of its own, you can always find him a nice compartment and fence it in with a durable dog crate, like this one. It's made of a painted in white, tubular metal frame with lattice wire design.Sometimes we call our blue-eyed boy ‘a next family member’ and treat it as good as our relatives. A pet in our house needs also some special accessories. For example having a dog means to buy a nice bowl or a collar or maybe something much bigger – a decorative dog crate. You can be totally calm, because the quality of such crate is really on a high level and your dog’s living space will look stylish and gorgeous. Just have a look at my collection down below – maybe you will be inspired.DIY wooden dog crate - $40 worth of materials, just need to put in the effort. Might be nice to build it around a wire crate for dogs who chew...