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No it is not. I get it at Tractor Supply Co. It was recommended to me by the people that work there, they all feed it to their dogs. My golden was having severe food allergies, and so I put her on 4Health grain free Beef and Potato. Her food allergies cleared up within a month!

Does anyone know of a type of dog food that’s grain free but also doesn’t have sweet potato or pumpkin in it?

I was so excited to try this. I want my dog to have a nice variety but we’re learning he has sensitivities to some foods, chicken in some food, apparently potato or the pea protein in others. I had my husband pick up a bag of the Grain Free Salmon and now my poor GSD mix has serious itching issues. The number 2 ingredient is potatoes. Number 3 or 4 is pea protein. Not good. We’ll try Victor’s GF Salmon next. He does great on Victor’s regular GF.

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Need dog food with No Soy, Potatoes, Rice, Oats, Peas/Lentils, Squash? It is hard to say what caused your dog’s diarrhea. It sounds like it was a one time thing at this point. I think Pure Vita is an excellent food and wish I could afford to feed it more often! Is your dog allergic to potatoes? Does it matter if they are white or sweet potatoes? Usually dirty, waxy, yeasty ears are due to allergies which could be environmental or food. Also moisture, particles in the ear, or the structure of the ear could be the cause as well. My dogs have floppy ears and tend to get yucky ears. Most likely due to them retaining moisture. Regular maintenance is helping keep them infection free. I use Zymox ear cleaner on a regular basis and it works great. I also try to fold back their ears in the evening to let them air out some. I’ve also heard that Vetericyn Ear Rinse works well. I think it will be very tough to find a grain free food that does not contain any potatoes or peas. Plus, I doubt it is the potatoes causing the yeasty ears unless your dog is allergic to them. On a side note, if your dog’s ears are actually inflamed and infected, not just yucky, it will need to be seen by a vet to get the infection cleared up before you start cleaning them on a regular basis. I hope you find a food that works for you. Good luck!

Topic: Grain free, sweet potato free and pumpkin free dog food?

Hi CV, look for a kibble without the Chickpeas, Lentils, peas..a kibble that is lower in protein around 25% protein some dogs don’t do real well on some of these Grain Free kibbles, look for a kibble that has brown rice, sweet potatoes, potato not many ingredients a limited ingredient kibble is best then you can add whole fresh foods to the kibble…. a lot of these rescue dogs have eaten a poor quality diet so when they are feed 4-5 star kibbles they do too well, it has taken my rescue boy 3 yrs & now finally he can eat most foods but he does better eating a kibble that has rice, sweet potatoes, potatoes & peas further down the ingredient list…

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