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Nutro Dog Food High Protein-Grain Free is healthy for my dog and has lots of protein in it and he loves the taste of it and really goes after it. It gives him a great coat and he is so full of energy all the time. I love the way he is so active now. The dog food has grains in it and the high amount of protein is essential for the health of my dog. Also I figured he would like the taste of it. I knew it would make him more active than the other brands and if it only costs less I would buy so much more of it. It is rather highly priced and I wish it would be on sale more often so I could more readily afford it.

I wanted to try something different and they had a sale on Nutro Dog Food.

I initially tried the Nutro Dog Food because it was grain free (and thus would not bother my dog's skin allergies) and was on sale. My dog liked it and seemed to do well on it. Also, there seemed to be little waste associated with the Nutro Grain Free. However, there weren't a lot of flavor options, so that might be something to consider. I'd also like more choice in sizes of bags.

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Nutro Dog Food was on sale and I wanted to try it because I want variety. John Saleen purchased a dog food company from a businessman in 1926 and changed the company name to Nutro Products. Moving to , it was a family-run business with products only available locally until the company was purchased in 1976 and expanded its market. Nutro Products are now available in the US, , , , , and .

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I don’t work for Nutro or DogFoodAdvisor, but I do work for a small pet store that carries some select lines of Nutro. my only guess is that Nutro discontinued this line of food because it was not a big seller. they have recently revamped and changed a lot of their lines. i’m assuming this food was discontinued during that process due to lack of sales. I never heard any concerns about health issues with dogs on this food.

Nutro MAX Adult Chicken, Rice & Turkey Canned Dog Food

I saw Nutro on sale at Petsmart and one of the clerks recommended it as a better feed. I like the slogan Or tag line "feed clean" and the sale came with a generous coupon for future purchase which I used. My dog liked the switch to lamb for a change which I bought with the generous coupon. I get small breed kibble that is just the right size for Daisy and I like the idea of farm raised chicken. Daisy likes sweet potato. It has a fresh aroma and Dog seems happy with her food. Also, Daisy's bowel movement is firm and regular and she is in good health. Nutro meets her needs, she likes it, and has met my expectations.I was shopping for food that I thought would be healthy, reasonably priced and that my dog would like. There was a good sale on Nutro Grain Free and I was able to try a couple of different recipes to see which one my dog preferred. Nutro appeared to have healthy ingredients and my dog seemed to like it. Also, I thought it was reasonably priced and there were several flavor variations that I could choose from. I would like to see more options offered for senior dogs that are less than 25 pounds.