Reward your dog with NUTRO™ Crunchy Treats With Real Mixed Berries

I like the whole and natural ingredients that are included in the Nutro Dog Food Original Formula. I also like the kibble size and the flavor involved for her to enjoy. The kibble gives her the crunch that she enjoys as well as the care to keep her teeth and gums healthy as well as bone health, a shiny coat and her digestive system running smoothly. The vitamins instilled in the formula gives her a healthy start to enjoy life. It provides a good energy level so she can run and play to keep her moving and enjoying life. I would like larger package sizes though as well as more flavors introduced so she has a variety and will not tire of her food. More natural ingredients should be introduced into the food so that it is more closer to nature. More digestive additives as well as gum health, tooth care for cleaning, vitamins for a shiny coat as well as hip and joint and muscle strength. Eye health is needed too for aging bodies.

December 12, 2015 —  of select lots of its Nutro dog treats due to potential mold.

Large breed dogs have unique nutritional needs because of their size. Nutro Natural Choice All Natural Large Breed Dog Biscuits are designed to support healthy mobility with real meat protein for lean muscle development. In fact, real meat is the #1 ingredient! These large breed dog biscuits also contain natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health. Coconut fibers provide digestive balance by strengthing intestinal defenses. Nutro Natural Choice All Natural Large Breed Dog Biscuits is formulated with all natural, quality ingredients to please even the most selective palates. Perfectly sized biscuits designed with large mouths in mind create a satisfying, crunchy, delicious and wholesome treat for your large dog.

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Nutro - Baked Beefy Bones Treats for Dogs Beef - 10 oz: Beefy Bones Dog Treat Wholesome Goodness These are the recommended feeding amounts based on an ideal body condition for adult dogs of various weights. Feed suggested amounts throughout the day as a complement to your dog’s normal diet. As with any treat, when feeding the recommended amount of NUTRO Crunchy Treats, you should decrease the amount of your dog’s main meal or increase exercise by 10 percent each day. Always monitor your pet while feeding a treat. Keep fresh drinking water available at all times. See your veterinarian regularly. To help maintain freshness, we recommend sealing the bag tightly and storing it in a cool, dry location.

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Nutro Baked Beefy Bones are made with real bone marrow. These natural dog bone treats are crunchy on the outside and meaty on the inside. Your dog will find Nutro Baked Beefy Bones irresistibly delicious.

Reward your dog with NUTRO™ Crunchy Treats With Real Peanut Butter