Orijen is the best dog food made, period..

I know how it is, you want the best for your four-legged baby. After the massive pet food recall in 2007, I'm astounded at how many people are still supporting the companies that killed thousands of pets! Orijen is locally sourced, without any imported ingredients. There are no grains, no fillers and each bag can be traced back to its source. In the winter, they run low on the six fish formula because the lakes in Canada freeze and it's harder to catch the fish.

If your dog suffers from any kind of food allergies, give Orijen a try. Those prescription diets contain ingredients that are probably making the allergies even worse! While this is an expensive food, note the feeding guidelines. Because it's grain-free and calorie dense, you feed much, much less a day, making the cost equivalent to the crappy brands like Science Diet and Purina. Give your pooch the best and get him some Orijen, he'll thank you for it!

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My dogs too! I thought at first it was just them getting used to the food and then I blamed the snacks from well meaning friends. But I have put a halt to everything except their Orijen Adult Dry food and still both my little ones have gas and smelling frequent stools. I also have an issue with their hair, which is white, turning rust colored anyplace that bodily fluids emerge, yuk. I wanted to give my babies the best but I don’t know if we can deal with this. Anyone have any suggestions? I still have much food to go and it is one of the only dry foods they will eat.

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Orijen is probably one of the best dog food brands out there (and we don’t say that lightly). Price: Orijen could be considered a super premium food. Although it may be considerably more expensive than other options, it is genuinely one of the best foods you can buy. It is a worthy investment into the health of your dog for years to come.

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Orijen is my “best in class” for cat foods, and isn’t far behind for dogs either. As was mentioned in the cat food review, this company (based in Canada) really places an emphasis on fresh ingredients. They raise their own chickens and have fishermen employed to catch fish and deliver them fresh to the company. The result is what you see above, and it’s about the best you can do for your pet.

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