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If home preparing is not an option — Orijen Senior is a good food but I HATE that they use white potato for senior dogs. Most senior dogs have some arthritis or joint issues and white potato is a nightshade plant and nightshade plants can worsen joint/arthritic issues.

Orijen Adult Dog Food (Canada)38% Protein/18% Fat (5% Fiber)478 Kcal/Cup

Hi, I’ve got a 13mth Border Collie who was on Arcana Puppy until 7mth, then went to Orijen as he had started to have regular bouts of the runs which continued, but would clear up when put on another food only found in NZ called Mighty Mix Frozen Concentrate (that I’ve been feeding my dogs for almost 20yrs). So long as I maintain a daily feed of 50/50 Orijen/MMFC then his stools are perfect. I believe it is him rather than Orijen as put my other BC a 6yr old bitch on the Orijen at the same time as a comparison and she has had no problem at all.

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ok. i can respect that. can you recommend a gread dog food with less protein and fat and orijen puppy? I have the feeling that’s the issue…. Could someone advise me why my puppy is having such bad diarrhoea when I feed him Orijen puppy or Orijen lrg puppy? He also had Acana lrg puppy but he didn’t want to eat it at all, when he did, he had the poop problem also… It was so bad the last time that he tried to run outside to poop, but didn’t manage to get out in time and it all got out while he ran. I wanted to get him the best food available where I live, but he doesn’t seem to do well on it. Hs a 7mo bulldog. Should I start feeding him grain based food? Thanks

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I put days of research into finding the best possible dry dog food for my 3 long haired miniature dachshunds. Orijen is my pick! I don’t think there is a better dog food out there. I love my dogs to pieces and want them to have a long life without expensive vet bills. I read about all the scary processing, additives, and horrible ingredients including euthanized dogs ground up into “pure meat protein” really? Why would you feed this to your dog? Orijen is amazing on so many levels from the raising of the meat, to the processing, to the lack of additives because is is naturally complete, to the nutritious plant based ingredients, the lack of recalls, no nasty imports from China (God knows what is in that! Yuck!). I can’t say enough about this brand. If you really love your dog. Feed the best! It is not that expensive because of the extremely high quality, you use much less. My 20 lb. dogs eat a level 1/4 cup twice a day and that keeps their weight under control. I probably could use even less realistically. I trust this brand and will use nothing inferior.

I gave a foster dog canned S/D once for bladder stones.

It's not cheap, but experts and dog owners say Orijen is the very best dry dog food you can buy. It's grain-free and made from fresh Canadian meats, eggs, produce and wild-caught fish.My Wilson has been on alternating bags of Acana Singles – Lamb and Acana Singles – Duck for over a year, maybe 2 yrs? now. We are finishing up a bag of duck so I stopped by my local dog food store for a bag of lamb. And she let me know that it is out of the Kentucky plant now. She implied the lamb and duck formulas had no change as far as ingredients but warned that the fish based ones like Orijen Six Fish did change because of different types fish in Kentucky vs. Canada.