The Orijen product line includes seven dry dog foods.

In the wild, dogs consume the whole animal to meet their full dietary needs, so Orijen recipes incorporate three whole prey elements in specific ratios.

Orijen offers a variety of dog and cat food, as well as various dog and cat treats.

So I am feeding my puppy orijen dog food. Ive noticed his poop is very very stinky. More stinky than before when I was feeding him blue buffalo. Is that normal?

Some Ingredients in Orijen dog food

Orijen Freeze-Dried Dog Food receives the Advisor’s second-highest tier rating of 4 stars. Champion Petfood recognized this problem among commercial dog foods and decided to take their hand at putting the right kind of food on the market. The two brands of dry food made by Champion are Acana and Orijen –

The Orijen product line includes seven dry dog foods.

Like Acana, Orijen is also made by Champion Petfoods in Alberta, Canada and is the Glycemic Research Institutes Dog Food of the year for 2009-2010 and 2010 – 2011. As a low carbohydrate, high protein food, Orijen is great for maintaining a healthy weight or adding muscle mass to senior dogs.

Other guaranteed analysis in Orijen Adult Formula Dry Dog Food:

Biologically appropriate ORIJEN is uniquely different from conventional dry dog foods. Protein-rich, carbohydrate-limited and grain-free, ORIJEN features the highest precentage of fresh meat inclusions of any dry dog food, while at the same time excluding many conventional pet food ingredients — such as inappropriate high-glycemic cereal grains and vegetable proteins that simply are not present in the natural diet.A top-quality dry dog food. Experts say Orijen is as good as dry dog food gets -- and it earns top scores from every review site we consulted. Orijen has great meat content: Boneless chicken is the first ingredient, followed by chicken meal, chicken liver, whole herring and boneless turkey (in fact, the first vegetable ingredient - red lentils --doesn't appear until number 16 on the list). The food is grain-free, and carbohydrates come from high-quality sources such as russet potatoes. The one small negative is the use of pea ingredients, which some experts say could cause digestive issues for some dogs -- and that's reflected in a couple of the owner reviews we spotted.It's not cheap, but experts and dog owners say Orijen is the very best dry dog food you can buy. It's grain-free and made from fresh Canadian meats, eggs, produce and wild-caught fish.Quality doesn't come cheap. While there are very few downsides to feeding your dog with this high-quality food, Orijen is harder to find than some other high-quality dog foods and it's fairly expensive. , another well-regarded grain-free kibble costs substantially less, though it has less meat content and a recall record that while good, is not quite as spotless.