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Remember BARF, biologically appropriate raw food? Orijen pretty much takes that concept, perfects it, bags it, and wins a ton of awards. Orijen is like the Meryl Streep of dog foods. Orijen Tundra – a new product – features goat and venison from prairie farms, rabbit and duck from the Canadian Shield, and Arctic Char from Yukon waters and delivers it (fresh or raw and in proper ratios, of course) right to your doorstep and into Fido’s food bowl.

The official PawDiet rating for Orijen Freeze Dried Dog Food Tundra is 5.0 out of 5.

I rescued an Australian Cattle Dog back in early August. She had some issues with her digestive track and acid reflux (puppy mill rescue), I researched all the dog foods out there and found Orijen Regional Red. She thrived on this food, no acid reflux, great stools, and she loved it! Then my last bag she would not touch, this is a rescue dog that wolves down anything snowballs, rabbit poop etc. I have to say no all the time don’t eat that. This is not a picky dog it has been a week now and she will not eat it. I tried switching to the Origen Tundra and she got sick off it. I am so disapointed in Origen. Words cannot say. That was before reading about the reader above who lost their pet to this food!

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Ally & Indy sells Champion Foods Orijen TUNDRA, PUPPY, PUPPY LARGE, SIX FISH, REGIIONAL, ADULT DOG and SENIOR. Orijen’s Tundra dog food is the newest addition to the Orijen family of trusted, grain-free nourishment for your pet. Tundra is made up of 80% meat/fish from goat, venison, mutton, bison, arctic char, rabbit, duck, trout, cod and pilchard. This surf and turf recipe combines lots of different ingredients together to make sure that your pet is getting a balanced diet. In fact, that is what each and every Orijen formula is all about! Complete and balanced nutrition the way that nature intended.

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The other 20% of Orijen’s Tundra is made from locally grown fruits and vegetables. These ingredients are always fresh and delivered daily to ensure the best flavor. As with all Orijen dog food varieties there is 0% grain and potatoes, and no added water!

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Orijen has various types of dog food available. The newest product is Tundra: “to mirror the rich variety that nature provides, Orijen Tundra features 4 fresh red meats, 4 fresh fish, fresh rabbit and fresh duck. All in richly nourishing whole prey ratios.”Orijen Tundra contains only one supplement, and that’s zinc. The brand knows that dogs can’t thrive on supplements as that’s not what they feed on in the wild. Therefore, the food sources are all pure and found naturally. There’s a small amount of fruits, veggies and grass included as well, contributing to 15%. There are absolutely no grains, preservatives, or artificial flavors in this one.This company has been awarded for its excellent dog foods that not only are enjoyed by dogs but keep them healthy as well. is of the view that dogs thrive in the wild and they are hunters by nature. That’s why their diet naturally craves more protein from meat, fish, and game. The protein in Orijen Tundra dog foods is derived from eight sources of protein, namely Boer Goat, Wild Boar, Venison, Arctic Char, Wild Pacific, Ranch-Raised, Free-Run Duck, and Steelhead Trout. The proteins, hence, contribute to 85%.This product by Orijen Tundra is an excellent choice of dog food. Each ingredient has been attained locally and is fresh. The meat is nourishing and the calorie count is ideal, which gives your furry friend a lean body. Not only is this product nourishing, but it’s also very delicious and keeps your beloved pet healthy and satisfied.