K&H Lectro-Kennel™ Heated Pad - Outdoor Heated Dog Pads & Beds

Just like other K&H products this bed is MET listed for safety and includes a one year warranty. If you are looking for a durable heated cat bed or heated dog bed to use in the home or outdoors, this is an exceptional choice.

K&H Lectro-Soft Indoor Outdoor Heated Dog Bed and Cover KH1070 SMALL 18L x 14W

The first soft, outdoor heated bed on the market! The Lectro-Soft®Â™ Heated Dog Bed is perfect for doghouses, basements, garages, barns, sheds, porches or any other outdoor shelter. This soft, orthopedic bed is unique in that it will still provide soft, comfortable warmth even in sub-zero weather!

K&H Deluxe Lectro-Kennel™ - Outdoor Heated Dog Pads & Beds

Our soft outdoor heated dog bed is weather proof for outdoor & indoor use. 3 Sizes. If you are looking for a heated dog bed that will keep your outdoor dog warm all winter long, consider the K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Igloo-Style Heated Pad and Cover. This heated pet bed consists of a comfortable heating pad and a soft igloo-shaped dome that fits over it. With these two features combined, this pet bed not only cushions your dog in warm comfort but it also protects him from the elements. With a classic half-round shape, the heating pad gives your dog the option of sleeping on or next to the pad while still enjoying the protection of the igloo itself. Best of all, this product can be used either indoors or outdoors!

K&H Lectro-Soft™ Outdoor Igloo-Style Heated Dog Bed & Cover

Whether you are looking for a solution to keep your outdoor dog warm in the winter or something that will comfort an arthritic dog’s bone and joint pain, a heated pet bed might be a good option. Heated pet beds come in all shapes and sizes, some with electric heating elements and some without, so don’t be in a hurry to buy the first one you come across. Different types of heated pet bed are best for different dogs and different circumstances, so consider your dog’s individual needs before you start shopping. When you are ready to shop for a heated dog bed, consider one of the top-rated models reviewed above for small, medium, large, and giant breed dogs.

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