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If you are looking for a strictly outside dog kennel that will stand up to anything and will give your large dog or large dogs plenty of space the is the best choice. It’s expensive but worth the cost. It will last a long time and keep your dog or dogs comfortable. Just keep in mind that you will need to buy or make some type of roof for it. If you regularly put your dog outside for hours at a time or if your dog lives primarily outdoors this is the kennel that you should provide for your dog. This large outdoor dog kennel covers all the bases and it’s sturdy enough to last. It is also pretty easy to put together.

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However, the closure on this kennel and the clips that hold the panels together are plastic and not very strong. A large dog could probably break the clips loose pretty easily. If your dog is an escape artist this kennel definitely isn’t secure enough to keep your dog from getting out. It also can be difficult to put together if you are putting it together without help. If you have small to medium dogs and you want a dual purpose kennel that can be used indoors or outdoors this would be a good choice. But if your dog is over about 80 pounds, this probably isn’t the best choice for you.

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Dog Crates and Kennels Chain Link Kennel Outdoor XXL For Extra Large Dogs Cage. The Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Dog Kennel is by far the best option for dogs on the market. This outdoor pet enclosure really blew away the competition. It stands very tall, has very thick welded steel construction, and is incredibly durable. This outdoor enclosure is built to last. The biggest fear that any owner has further pet and putting them in an outdoor pet enclosure is that their pet will be able to break through and escape. We found this to be practically impossible with this outdoor dog enclosure. In fact, we can confidently state, that out of all the large outdoor pet enclosures that we reviewed, this one is by far the best out there. We are confident that this can hold any pooch of any size and any temperament. As an added bonus, this one comes with a waterproof cover so then your pet will be able to stay dry and comfortable even in the wettest of whether. .

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The Aleko Heavy Duty was our second choice for best outdoor dog kennel. This one is ideal for small and medium dog breeds. However, larger breeds that are more docile in nature can easily work within this model. This is made of high quality material that is incredibly sturdy and very secure. The enclosure is built to last and is very easy to assemble. This is a great dog outdoor kennel, especially for the price, it practically can’t be beat! Finally, we found this to be the most aesthetically pleasing one out of all the other that we took a look at.

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The Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel is made from the same high-quality 10-gauge steel that other Lucky Dog kennels are made from. The shape of this one is more rectangular than square and with about 6 feet of height it’s a good fit for tall dogs that may feel too cramped in other kennels. This large dog kennel can be used indoors or outdoors and it does have a cloth roof that can be added. Although keep in mind that the cloth cover piece isn’t going to be enough to keep the elements out of the kennel if you live in an area that gets extreme weather. If you are going to use it outdoors you will probably want to create some type of solid roof for it.You should always prefer outdoor models that can provide the most important and necessary facilities needed for your dog to get comfortable. The size of your dog always needs to be taken into consideration, and after that should you decide if your pooch requires a Large Outdoor Dog Pen or a small one, and never forget that your tailwagger has a say in it too!