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Also, the Obedience Regulations (Chapter 1, Sect.16), state that dogs whose appearance has been surgically altered to correct a congenital or hereditary defect may participate in Obedience Trials provided that the dogs have been neutered. The AKC does not monitor this, although people in Obedience usually keep an eye on one another to keep everyone honest.

George Monroe loss to PAL #6 Red Dogs 0-13 in a preseason game at Cleveland Browns Stadium

In 2000 the Lassie trademark was sold by the eight remaining members of the Weatherwax family to Classic Media (which in 2012, Classic Media was acquired by and renamed into and ultimately became the property of trademarks' current owners, as of 2016). In 2004 Robert Weatherwax's personal contract to supply a dog to play the role of Lassie ended and neither side pursued a renewal. After several years of stand-in collies that were not related to the line, Classic Media contracted with Carol Riggins, who had been co-trainer with Robert Weatherwax, and her 9th generation dog HeyHey, who had played the role of Lassie during the last 13 episodes of the Canada Lassie series under the Weatherwax Trained Dogs banner. Carol Riggins continues today as the official owner and trainer of Lassie with another "Pal", a 10th generation direct descendant of the original Pal.

Varsity Stallions vs P A L 6 8 30 15 ..

P.A.L. 6 Red Dogs

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