| Use a pair of women's underwear and attach a maxi pad inside

By KathyI have a tiny Pomeranian mix that just got done with her first heat. What I did was take some old sweat pants (or just some breathable material) and got a needle and thread and made them fit her. Another thing you could do if you aren't that crafty is, get small little kid underwear and cut a hole for your dogs tail. As for the blood I just put a lightdays pad in there and changed the pad for her every little while. (05/20/2007)

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These stylish female dog diapers (Petego Hot Pants Dog Panties) offer safety for female dogs in heat and for urination incontinence in dogs. When using the Hot Pants Dog Panties you mitigate cluttered cleanups and furniture stains. The Hot Pants can be utilized with adhesive Hot Pads.

Panties with panache for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Poochieheaven has the solution to needing dog panties for female dogs in heat and puppy panties NEW: Unique “pants” design protecting female dogs in heat or having urinary incontinence issues, yet allowing for defecating outside the diaper.

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This pattern is to make a dog diaper that can be used as sanitary panties for female dogs in heat, or in cases of incontinence or to protect this area after dog’s surgery.

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Dog in heat: *Use a pair of old little kid panties *Cut a slit just under the elastic for the dog's tail *Insert a femine pad *Use only when dog is inside (otherwise 1. The other dogs will laugh at her and 2. She won't be able to go potty)