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We’re so stoked to welcome back Dog Party on June 17. Dog Party is made up of teen sisters, Gwendolyn and Lucy Giles. They play classic punk rock, with a heavy Ramones influence. Their last show here was an unexpected surprise as they brought down the house. With them is local post-punkers City Wolves whose sound is constantly evolving, and Something About Machines a local prog-rock group of incredibly talented musicians. Wednesday, June 17 8PM $5.

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These great Party Pups Birthday Party ideas from Party City are so adorable, they'll be hard for any puppy loving child to resist. So treat your Birthday Girl (or Boy) to a party full of puppy and doggie delights!

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Dog Costumes on Sale - Party City Call of duty ghost dog tags made with mod podge. Dog tags from party city, took the green stickers off. Printed the call of duty picture, pasted it and added the mod podge on top.

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