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We have been buying Pedigree Dog Food for a number of years. It has always been good for our dogs from puppy to Adult. But the last bag we bought our dogs will not eat it. We do not know why. But there seems to be a problem with it. Can anyone tell me why my dogs will not eat it. Has there been a recall on it. Dry dog food small bites.. Someone please let me know. Thank you . Concerned about my dogs. J Rockhold

Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition Dog Food, Small Crunchy Bites, 40 lb (18.14 kg.

I fed my Cockapoo Pedigree Small Bites and the adult size when Small Bites was not available. Over the years, she vomited, had foul gas, and diarrhea all the time. Many days she would not eat her food at all. I added chicken and she would eat, and many times still not eat. Well, after cleaning my carpet for the hundredth time, I started to research Pedigree dog food. I wish I had in the beginning.

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Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition Dog Food, Small Crunchy Bites, 40 lb (18.14 kg Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition Small a Crunchy Bites dry dog food is a great product. I have three small dogs, one of which is pretty tiny. She has a very hard time eating the same foods as the other two dogs because her mouth is so small. I bought this dog food hoping the smaller pieces would make it easier for her to eat. It worked. This dog food was very easy for her to eat and actually enjoy. All three of my dogs seem to love this food and I have noticed their energy levels are way higher when eating this food. Another good thing about the food is it has reqlly helped their coats. One of my dogs had a problem with her hair falling out and after a steady diet with this food it has really grown. I am pleased with this product and would absolutely recommend it to other dog owners.

Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition Roasted Chicken ..

If you cannot afford Blue Buffalo or Taste of the Wild grain free food, this is a good compromise. This is what they feed at our local shelter, where we adopted our dog, and this is what he eats when times are lean. Our dog Ben has no problem scarfing down any food we offer him, but he does like the small bites of the Pedigree food. I definitely prefer this food to say Iams or Eukanuba which often have recalls for spoiled ingredients. Not sure I believe the claim it can add years onto your dog's life, but it does keep our Ben active and happy. Watch carefully how much your dog consumes however, since servings sizes 'seem' low. If you over feed your dog will gain weight quickly!

Quality of Ingredients
While not as good as the grain free options, or feeding raw, it is good for a low budget dog food.

Flavor Selection
Our dog Ben seems to love the taste of Pedigree dog food, although I won't be trying any! There isn't any different 'flavors' of food, just one bag that covers everything.

Roasted Chicken, Rice, Vegetable