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A customer who encountered a pack of dogs, though, complained that the spray was barely noticed by the frenzied canines. For normal situations, however, the pepper spray proved to be very useful in repelling dogs, breaking up dog fights, or interrupting an undesirable behavior.

Everyone has their own opinion…I use pepper spray. One type is even made for stopping dogs, it is called “Halt!” dog repellent.

Today I ordered Halts II Dog Repellent Spray. Halts is carried by utility workers, postal carriers etc. It is basically a pepper spray. I chose the Halts II because the concentration is 3 times stronger than regular Halts, and one of our potential adversaries are Coyotes. I decided the stronger concentration could be a benefit for a wild animal.

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A dog repellent, such as Mace canine pepper spray, is a must have for anyone spending time outdoors Countless commercial dog repellent sprays are available from pet retailers. You can spray these directly on dirt or on the plants and trees surrounding the area where your dog usually digs. Biodegradable sprays containing citronella repel many dogs but won't hurt the greenery and also work to keep mosquitoes and other bugs away. Or look for sprays containing garlic oil, clove oil or pepper extract.

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Mace brand Muzzle canine repellent is an excellent product for defending against attacking dogs. This specially formulated pepper spray is designed specifically for these animals and has been proven to be effective in aggressive encounters.

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What is the difference between dog spray or and the human version? Which is stronger and can dog spray be used on humans and vice versa. Dog pepper spray or Muzzle canine repellent is not as strong as human pepper spray. It doesn’t have to be; a dog’s senses (sight, smell) are much more sensitive than ours are. As a result, it takes much less OC pepper spray resin to obtain the desired effect. There are a number of dog bite prevention products on the market. Mace Security has a , which is a pepper spray. This canine repellent is a less potent pepper spray than you would use on a human attacker. Mainly because most dogs are not as big as adult humans, thus needing less strength in the dog pepper spray. There are also citronella sprays. My opinion is if you are going to being attacked by a vicious dog, safety for yourself and a family member would be paramount. Carrying a canine pepper spray while walking, jogging or even playing at the park could save your from a potential problem.Mace Brand Muzzle Dog Repellent Spray Dog repellents can keep away unwanted dogs while you are walking your own canine, running, jogging, biking or enjoying walk with your children. Unleashed, untrained, angry dogs can threaten you personal safety and dog pepper spray can give you added security against wild, vicious dogs. Dog sprays are made with the same active "hot" pepper ingredients as traditional pepper spray. This Muzzle defense spray product is just as strong and effective as traditional OC pepper spray, but is EPA-approved to be a humane way to stop a dog attack or vicious animal. Just a single spray to the dog's face will repel the angry animal humanely and effectively with a temporary (but intense) burning sensation. This 14 gram canine spray canister is easy to carry on a belt, waistband or attached to a set of keys. This MACE brand product features an easy flip-top safety cap that prevents unwanted use while being carried. If you do encounter a dog that violates your safety, this item also has a contoured finger grip to assist your aiming accuracy. This product is easily dispensed with a single flip-push motion using thumb for the best grip. Each unit fires about 10 one-second bursts Effective range 10-12 feet Every unit "test fired" before shipping by Mace Built-in belt clip and key chain Easy to follow instructions included Includes self-adhesive fastener for bicycle use.For outdoor activities, there are low-cost hand-held liquid spray dog repellents. Some of these include pepper spray and sprays that have citronella as their main ingredient.