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Nevertheless, when new dogs come into your home, you will be very skilled at that stage to more rapidly change their behavior, using your previous experience and success with The Perfect Dog® System. By properly and thoroughly applying Don Sullivan's techniques with your own dogs, you will gain a strong understanding of how to immediately present yourself (and gain respect as) the pack leader; with any dog.

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Mother dogs instinctively know how to train their pups. A simple nip on the back of their pup’s neck gets their attention so they understand it’s time to do what mama dog wants. Now with Don Sullivan’s Command Collar you can use this technique too! Perfect for virtually any breed and dogs of all ages. Command Collar training makes a real difference the very first time you try it. In fact, hundreds of thousands of people have used the Command Collar product worldwide to fix the problems that drove them crazy.

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Perfect Dog Two DVD Set Don Sullivan s Secret to Training the Perfect Dog offers 5 hours of Commands - Sit, Exercise, Fun Time, Ch Disclaimer: Don Sullivan’s “Secrets to Training the Perfect Dog” System explains in-depth how to correct aggressive behavior. Some dogs have reached a level of aggressiveness that is very intense. Great care and caution must be used in dealing with this problem. Although the success rate of correcting aggressive behavior is very high when following Don’s methods, unfortunately not all dogs can be tamed to the point of complete trust, despite the fact that overall improvement will be experienced. Don encourages everyone dealing with aggressive dogs to exercise extreme care, especially when working around children or other dogs. Owners may not be able to correct the behavior of certain dogs that have been specifically bred or trained to be aggressive e.g. attack dogs.

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"Secrets to Training the Perfect Dog." Don Sullivan, "The DogFather," production crew members rave about Don Sullivan and his System, having just experienced first hand some mind-blowing instant behavioral transformations.

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Don Sullivan: “I receive a multitude of questions from dog owners asking me if The Perfect Dog® System will work for their breed, age, or personality etc. of dog; or if my methods will help them solve a certain problematic behavior, despite many failed training attempts.”Q10: GUARANTEE:
Does Don Sullivan’s “Secrets to Training the Perfect Dog” System come with a money back guarantee?Q9: FUN FETCH BALL:
Does the Fun Fetch Ball come with Don Sullivan’s “Secrets to Training the Perfect Dog” System?Don Sullivan’s The Perfect Dog system works so great because it really helps to get you inside the head of your dog. Dogs do not think as we do in terms of reward for good behavior.