At Mimi Green, we understand the unique needs of small dogs

Cat or small dog leather collar, personalized collar!

Put color in your pet's life -and neck- with these high quality leather collars!
This is a handcrafted leather collar for cats and small dogs.
It is entirely handmade by me, from top quality components that i carefully pick myself.
It is made to order from carefully picked premium cowhide leather with a personalized handmade id tag!
I use strong and durable hardware , but i also give special attention to make sure pets feel absolutely comfortable and safe too!
The materials are sturdy but with a soft feel so our furry friends look and feel awesome.
An exclusive jewel for your precious best friend, with attention to every single detail and it is personalized with your pet's name and your phone number.

* Please send me a message with the info you want engraved on the collar.


Width: 12 mm

Guide to sizing for cat / dog collars

Take a flexible measuring tape or a string and place it around middle of the neck placing the width of two fingers between the tape and the neck.

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