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Freestanding pet gates are great for puppies and small dogs. They need no installation, so there will be no remnants of their removal. They work well blocking doorways, and are a good way to keep Spot out of trouble while he's still too little to know the rules.

This Carlson pet gate is best for toy breeds and other small dogs or puppies. Made of premium hardwood with black accents, it is sturdy and durable.

OVERVIEW: The famous Richell 3-in-1 Convertible Elite Pet Gate is at the third place on our list of best dog gates indoor, and to no shame at all. This indoor pet safety gate has six panels and can cover a span of around fifteen feet. This best indoor dog gate is recommended for small dogs, as the pet gate can be folded into a small enclosure to put your dog in (like a pet playpen).

Cut off legs, paint, add a small base and handle

Make maneuvering easy for your pet dogs and cats with the Carlson Pet Design Studio Walk Through Pet Gate with Small Pet Door The pet gates are each different in size and shape, some being more appropriate for small dogs and others dog gates for large dogs, but they all provide safety. In each of the product overviews below, I'll give you a quick rundown of the best dog gates indoor options and then tell you the pros and cons of the product as per customers' notes.

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Unlike buying a where sizes won't always matter, some gates work better for larger dogs and some work well for small dog breeds, but what if you have both? Which dog gates work best in an apartment? This buyer’s guide will answer all of your questions and help you choose the perfect pet gate for your dog.

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Pet Frenzy's small dog gates are also available in various mounting options, just like our standard size dog gates. Freestanding small dog gates are easy to set up and a breeze to move around your home. They are best for small dogs that are passive and not likely to jump up on the gate. WHY IS IT AT #4? My choice to place Cardinal Gates Perfect Fit Pet Gate as the fourth best indoor dog gates is due to it is very versatile in its potential uses, yet the hexagon length is slightly small for larger dogs and it can really only fit a certain size dog (small or medium at most).One really nice bonus of this gate is the smaller “pet door” at the bottom of the unit which measures 10″ by 7″. This can let smaller animals like cats or small dogs have access to areas that might be off-limits for bigger dogs.Pros: Sturdy, easy to install adjustable dog gate that is made of all metal (making it perfect for chewers). Another main attraction here is the smaller inner gate, which allows for cats to pass through while keeping dogs out, making it a great choice for a multi-pet home.