Potty training a dog takes patience, kindness and a little planning

From what I have seen in the dog training world, in most cases you pay for what you get. Petsmart's and PetCo's classes are run typically by very new and inexperienced trainers. Its a place where some got their start. Pay for trainers is just slightly above minimum wage. While taking some avanced training classes through our humane society we had a couple of petsmart trainers auditing our class. (Thats a good thing)

My dog Jax is a year old and we took the Petsmart puppy training class.

The question was raised how we handle problems. Well, silly the eh-eh word is the magic word that cures all woes. That is how it is handled ... eh-eh. Most of the trainers use the spray bottle or the shaky can ... soda can with pennies. I really question the customers when they start talking problems ... like I said I have sent people else where due what they said. Other dogs I asked the owners to bring the dog in so I can see them before they enroll. I don't want any problems. Other places I have trained allowed muzzles ... we don't. Petsmart's view is the dog needs to be socialized. I did have one case, in my first class, the owner failed to tell me that the dog bit everyone ... that came into his house including his kids ... he than stated everyone was afraid of the dog. I did not know that and I was using the dog as a demo and he turn around and nailed my hand ... I reacted by hanging the dog, on a Gentle Leader (worked good for that) ... yes, it was wrong of me ... I agree ... bad trainer. It was a slight hang ... even still out of Petsmart's realm. But it was my reaction. The class almost fell off the stools. There are no aggressive dogs only dogs that need to be socialized ... lala land.

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I think PetSmart is probably as good a place as any for basic obedience/socialization classes. I would certainly try them if I had a dog to train. Also, with petsmart training don't just expect them to do the work for you. You will get much more out of their classes if you take what you learn in class and practice with your dog daily and whenever possible. They teach YOU how to train your dog. You can't just show up to class every week and expect a miracle.

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I agree with the post of it depends on the trainer. I know both the trainers at the local petsmart. One has been training dogs for years, and the times I have watched her classes, she is very good with the animals and does a nice job when people ask questions. The other learned from petsmart training school and just gives answers she learned from the classes. She is not very good with more difficut questions and seems to give the same answer to everything asked. As far as I am concerned, experience makes the best trainers.

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anywho...i think getting him into a basic obedience class would be good for him, he loves to learn and i think it would be a helpfull step in overcomming his NEED to tell every passer by how much he loves them by working around distractions...but the ONLY training classes even remotly close to me (both are over a 45 min one way trip) are petco and petsmart...i used to work for petco and know what kinf od "training" they give thier dog handlers...petsmart seems to get better reveiws (and i prefer that store due to clenlyness and comfort levels) butim still just not sure in terms of the training...Petsmart classes are hit or miss.

There are some that have excellent trainers who are APDT certified, teach outside Petsmart, and compete withtheir personal dogs in various sports. If you find a trainer like that, Petsmart classes may work out well for you.

But, the majority of Petsmart trainers are store employees who have gone through a course on dog training. Their knowledge is not more extensive than your own if you spend some time reading and asking questions on training and behavior. In that case, I'd stay away.

Also take into account the accommodations at your Petsmart. Some have separate training areas - that's good, especially for beginner's class. Some train in the middle of the store. Not good because you'll be constantly interrupted by shoppers and their dogs and it's way to distracting for beginner's class.

Overall, their approach tends to be very "one size fits all". For example, pulling is usually addressed by selling you a head halter. Doesn't work for all dogs.