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Keep your carpets clean by wiping your dog's paws with our , a smaller version of the Microfiber Dog towel, which hangs on a doorknob by your door.

outlet Clean Life Pet towels for drying Cats & Dogs, 3 Pack in Assorted Colors, the perfect bath towel for your pet!

The microfiber material leaves dogs much drier after every bath, and thus, keeps your home and furniture much drier, too. Buyers recommend buying the 2-pack of Microfiber Pros Pet Bath Towels because it is very convenient. While one is in the wash, the other is readily available when needed.

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Clean Life Pet towels for drying Cats & Dogs, 3 Pack in Assorted Colors, the perfect bath towel for your pet! chic Now, I use my Dry Pets Plus to dry both dogs. It absorbs a lot of water! When I used a bath towel, our chocolate lab would still be dripping wet when she climbed out of the tub. She has that holds a lot of water, but my Dry Pets Plus absorbs so much water that her fur doesn't drip at all.

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Dry Pets Plus is the larger size, and it measures 36 X 23 inches. This is the size that I received. It holds up to 25 ounces of water! We have two large breed dogs, so just imagine how much water comes off of them when we bathe them. I used to have to use one bath towel per dog to dry them off.

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Wet fur is a poor insulator and as such causes dogs to lose heat quickly. So its very important to get your dog dry quickly. Drypet dog towels will do the trick.Drypet is marketed as the “fastest way to dry your pet,” including that the towel will cut a dog’s post-bath drying time in half.I’ve tried other microfiber towels on my dogs and no other does the trick like Drypet. Definitely gets my pups dry quickly and the cool thing is it holds the water completely in towel Definitely would recommend to any pet owner. I gave a few as gifts. Environmentally safe, with no chemical additives, the Drypet microfiber pet towel is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and soaks up water on contact, holding up to five times more water than your basic cotton bath towel and dries pets completely, eliminating the need for scary blow dryers, multiple towels, shivering dogs – our towel not only comes in handy during bath time, but is also great for quick paw clean ups at the back door, fun hiking outings, long walks, and trips to the dog park.