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Dog training has been revolutionised by the invention of remote collars. Finding the right collar for small dogs has always been a very demanding task, but with the Petsafe elite little dog remote trainer, it is possible to have the very best training gear for your dog.

The notable features that make the Petsafe elite little dog remote trainer popular in all its reviews are:

I bought this collar for my 13 lb dog. She LOOKS at me when I have the stimulation set to 15. LOOKS doesnt yelp, stop what shes doing or anything else just looks SOMETIMES. I tried to exchange the collar for the elite big dog remote trainer but apparently no one can get that here. I called petsafe and they were rude on the phone. Sorely disappointed with this collar. Poor design and function. I also would like to see an exchange able collar strap... I like putting the cinch it collar for use with the e collars.... I can ensure its on proper this way. Nylon simply does not work properly.


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These are only a glimpse of why this collar has excellent ratings in all the Petsafe elite big dog remote trainer reviews. As revealed in lots of PetSafe remote controlled dog trainer reviews, this little dog trainer from PetSafe features abundance of attractive features and pros for dog trainers and owners. Some of its pros include:

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With the invention of the Petsafe elite little dog remote trainers, you can be sure that no matter how small your canine friend is, it is possible to nurture a great character and calm his agile spirit. In all the Petsafe elite little dog remote trainer reviews this particular collar has received a 5-star rating. Here are some of the reasons why.

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Remote dog trainer review of the Petsafe Deluxe Little Dog Trainer. If you have a small dog which is less than 18kg, then the PDLT-305 may be one for you to consider. With a range of 90m, it is ideally suited to use around your home or in the back yard.Included in the package is a test light that allows you to ensure that your remote trainer is powered. The Petsafe elite dog remote trainer reviews, place an emphasis on the fact that this collar is simply perfect for your little dog. Simply because of the reliability of the energy source of this collar you can be certain that with each training session you will have utmost fulfilment.I have a 30 lb Beagle/Shepard mix. She loves to run off and explore and follow that beagle nose of hers and she's stubborn as can be (again, the beagle) and completely ignores my calls for her. I bought this remote trainer at a local Petsmart. She is a slim dog and her neck is small. I adjusted the collar to the smallest it would go and she still couldn't feel a thing, even when I jacked it up to the highest setting of 15! This is the Little Dog Trainer so I can't get any smaller. Like another reviewer, I don't think the nylon collar is appropriate. Just cannot get a good fit and therefore it is ineffective.Mostly, however, the reviews about the Little Dog Remote Trainer are glowing. Out of 208 customer reviews, nearly 80 percent rate the PetSafe Little Dog Remote Trainer with three or more stars. Some of the review comments include: